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interview Pagan's Mind Pagan
August 2005 - MetalAngel
That made two years that your preceding album, the very good 'Celestial Entrance' has been released. The fans got really impatient. What did you make during this period which was a bit inusual for Pagan's Mind ? First of all, ...[Mehr]
interview Pallbearer Pallbearer (en)
März 2013 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
interview Paradise Lost Paradise Lost (en)
September 2012 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
interview Pavic Pavic
Januar 2009 - Faith
1. Well, lets start spending some words introducing the band to all our readers

interview Perseverance (AUS) Perseverance (AUS) (en)
September 2012 - White Noise Productions
Today, we were lucky enough to have approved a short interview with two out of four members from PERSEVERANCE, a Dark Black Metal band hailing from Melbourne, Australia. The band have released...[Mehr]
interview Perseverance (AUS) Perseverance (AUS) (en)
Juni 2013 - White Noise Prod, posted by opeth59
WHITE NOISE PRODUCTIONS: Hello, and thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to answer a few questions for us! Let's start with a little information about yourself, and the pr...[Mehr]
interview Pig Destroyer Pig Destroyer
Juni 2007 - DJ In Extremis
Formed in 97 when vocalist J.R. Hayes and guitarist Scott Hull united their destructive forces to create THE ultimate grindcore band, Pig Destroyer quickly signed on Relapse records. It w...[Mehr]
interview Plector Plector (en)
Januar 2010 - Kerbinator
Interview with Killhelm (drummer) from Plector

Hi Killhelm, thanx for finding some time for a little talk. First of all I would like to know more about your band Plector,...[Mehr]
interview PMT PMT
Dezember 2007 - Julien
Telephonic interviw with Frankfrançois (voice).

Can you present us the band?
interview Poisonblack Poison Black
Januar 2007 - Ystävälle
Interview de PoisonBlack made the 1st October 2006 by Ystävälle before the show at Théâtre Barbey with Ville Laihiala, Antti Rennes and Janne Markus

interview Powerwolf Powerwolf
April 2005 - DJ In Extremis
A name which sounds like a clich for a music which is surely not, here are the teutons Powerwolf. A great first album is now out on Metal Blade, its high time to know more about these proud protectors of heavy metal, noble and immortal. Far f...[Mehr]
interview Primal Fear Primal Fear (en)
Dezember 2011 - AlonewithL
interview Primal Fear Primal Fear
September 2005 - MetalAngel
Primal Fear is one those bands which brings to metal its "lettres de noblesse". Razoblade's guitars, pounding drums and high vocals, the PF trademark is well known in the metal world. I was really waiting with impatience for the call from Germany...[Mehr]
interview Primitive Man Primitive Man (en)
September 2014 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
interview Pro-Pain Pro-Pain
März 2006 - Metzly
Interview with JC Dwyer.1 - To start off could you present the band/musicians for those who don't know about Pro-Pain yet?Sure thing. On vocals and Bass, of course, is Gary Meskil. He's what you might call "the f...[Mehr]
interview Profane Omen Profane Omen (en)
Juni 2010 - Onni
With this yo...[Mehr]
interview Project: Metal Nation Project: Metal Nation (en)
Mai 2010 - Onni
Project: Metal Nation is not the band, actually. It's the global metal Project, really huge and impressive. They are going to build an airplane, fly to China and build a metal club there. Soun...[Mehr]
interview Psycroptic Psycroptic (en)
Juli 2015 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
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