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interview Lapis Lazuli Lapis Lazuli (en)
Julho 2011 - AlonewithL
"Lapis Lazuli" is a small Swedish symphonic metal formation. Founded in 2005, the band is now releasing its second entirely self-produced album. "A Loss Made Forever" was released a year after...[Ler o próximo]
interview Leaves' Eyes Leaves' Eyes
Junho 2004 - Spirit of Metal
Hi ! It would be great to begin this interview with a history of your new group : Leaves Eyes? All of us had had this idea in our minds for quite a while. I had written a concept about a year ago and asked the guys to...[Ler o próximo]
interview Legion Of The Damned Legion Of The Damned
Janeiro 2007 - DJ In Extremis
Only one year after their smashing debut, ex-Occult dutch thrashers Legion Of The Damned are back for a second mortal attack. Heres an interview with their singer Maurice Swinkels in jan...[Ler o próximo]
interview Loch Vostok Loch Vostok (en)
Dezembro 2012 - xavier74
Thanks to him]]>

[Ler o próximo]
interview Logical Terror Logical Terror (en)
Abril 2011 - Matai
[Ler o próximo]
interview Lord Belial Lord Belial
Dezembro 2005 - N.
Hello ! First of all, could you present us a little biography of the band ?Thomas: Lord Belial was born on a winter night 1992, recorded our 2 demos in 1993 which gave us a record deal. First album was recorded in 1994 and releas...[Ler o próximo]
interview Lost Soul (PL) Lost soul
Janeiro 2005 - Dj In Extremis
...[Ler o próximo]
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