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interview Ice Ages Ice Ages
Abril 2008 - Katla
Three months before the release of Buried Silence, the third Ice Ages album, I had the honor to interview Richard Lederer, the brains behind this dark electro project. It will have taken...[Ler o próximo]
interview Iced Earth Iced Earth (en)
Fevereiro 2012 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
[Ler o próximo]
interview Immolation Immolation (en)
Novembro 2011 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
[Ler o próximo]
interview Immortal Rites (GER) Immortal Rites
Março 2004 - DJ In Extremis
Too much bands are signed by incompetent and/or opportunist labels only one or two years after their founding. In the case of Immortal Rites, this is a completely opposite adventure. These german warriors of metal have conscientious...[Ler o próximo]
interview Imperanon Imperanon
Abril 2004 - DJ In Extremis
Imperanon is a very young finish metal band. Brand new signing on Nuclear Blast, they play a heavy mixture of death and black-metal, very similar to Children of Bodom, I think. I also found some reminiscences of progre...[Ler o próximo]
interview In Battle In Battle
Outubro 2004 - Dj In Extremis
After two well-acclaimed albums of furious raging black-metal and the never-ending line-up problems that followed, immortal swedish warriors In Battle are now back with a vengeance. But their brand new album is of a very different flavou...[Ler o próximo]
interview In Flames In Flames
Novembro 2008 - Julien
Video interview with In Flames

...[Ler o próximo]
interview In Solitude (SWE) In Solitude (SWE) (en)
Dezembro 2013 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
[Ler o próximo]
interview Incapacity Incapacity
Junho 2004 - DJ In Extremis
In this so prolific swedish death-metal scene, each month sees the arrival of a few new savage acts. Many will disappear quickly, & some others will grow stronger because they propose something more than the average crawling mass....[Ler o próximo]
interview Incursed Incursed (en)
Setembro 2011 - AlonewithL
[Ler o próximo]
interview Infinite Grievance Infinite Grievance (en)
Setembro 2010 - gletscherwolf
[Ler o próximo]
interview Insomnium Insomnium
Setembro 2006 - DJ In Extremis
Even if you get bored (like me) with all these scandinavian melo-death bands shameless copying In Flames, Dark Tranquillity & so on, Insomnium deserves your attention. I find this ban...[Ler o próximo]
interview Inter Arma Inter Arma (en)
Maio 2015 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
...[Ler o próximo]
interview Interlock Interlock
Maio 2006 - Kivan
1. First, could we start with a small band presentation ?Were Interlock, were from the UK and we play cyber metal. Weve just released a new single / EP, the skinless remixes disc, in France and mainland Europe. Im Hal Si...[Ler o próximo]
interview Into The Moat Into the moat
Junho 2005 - DJ In Extremis
Nowadays, Metal Blade signs many metalcore groups. As far as I am concerned, Im nearly sick of it. But to be objective, Into the moat, in this pile of hysteric clones, gets out of this thicklish situation. At moment, the group is intensely touri...[Ler o próximo]
interview Iota Iota
Novembro 2008 - Julien
Interview mail with Joey Toscano

1) Can you tell us the history of the band, the beginning until now ?
[Ler o próximo]
interview Ivan Mihaljevic Ivan Mihaljevic
Outubro 2008 - Faith
In my opinion Ivan Mihaljević is at the forefront of the new generation of virtuoso guitarists. I'd say he's a true guitar master! However, he has established himself as a soulful s...[Ler o próximo]
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