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interview Cadaveria (ITA) Cadaveria (ITA) (en)
Março 2012 - Jacob Ovington
Interview with Cadaveria and Killer Bob from CADAVERIA (ITA)

You have just released “Horror Metal”, and so far it’s receiving some pretty good reviews. Are you satis...[Ler o próximo]
interview Cadaverous Condition Cadaverous Condition (en)
Outubro 2011 - GandhiEgo

[Ler o próximo]
interview Candiria Candiria
Agosto 2005 - Julien
Can you present us the band ?Candiria is Carley Coma ( vocals) Kenneth Schalk ( drums ) Michael Macivor ( bass ) Steve Fakelman ( guitars ) Eddie Ortiz ( guitars ) I read you had an car accident with the whole ban...[Ler o próximo]
interview Cannibal Corpse Cannibal Corpse (en)
Julho 2012 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
[Ler o próximo]
interview Carpe Noctem (ISL) Carpe Noctem (ISL) (en)
Outubro 2013 - Icare
[Ler o próximo]
interview Cattle Decapitation Cattle decapitation
Junho 2006 - DJ In Extremis
After 10 years dedicated to the extreme side of metal, gore obsessed Cattle Decapitation will now release their best album ever on Metal Blade in the beginning of july. "Karma Bloody Karma" is the name of this musical pure carnage & fans of schiz...[Ler o próximo]
interview Cavalera Conspiracy Cavalera Conspiracy (en)
Maio 2015 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
[Ler o próximo]
interview Cave In Cave In
Outubro 2005 - Julien
1) Can you introduce us the band ?Myself, Stephen Brodsky... Adam McGrath, Ben Koller, and Caleb Scofield.2) how can you decribe your music?Cosmic fiery shrapnel being contorted and twisted in a sonic...[Ler o próximo]
interview CETI CETI (en)
Agosto 2011 - AlonewithL
[Ler o próximo]
interview Children Of Bodom Children Of Bodom (en)
Julho 2011 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
[Ler o próximo]
interview Chinchilla Chinchilla
Dezembro 2004 - Spirit of Metal - Kivan
Hi, first , thanxs for the interview. And counld you start it with a little biography of your group? Hello , no problem, it’s a pleasure for me to answer your questions.CHINCHILLA started in 1988 and released their first ...[Ler o próximo]
interview Chthonic Chthonic (en)
Maio 2014 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
...[Ler o próximo]
interview Clad In Darkness Clad In Darkness (en)
Agosto 2010 - Treacye Hieatt
Chicago is home to Clad in Darkness, a progressive black metal band with a sound that refuses to conform to that tag alone. Pulling from a diverse catalog of influences both in music and art...[Ler o próximo]
interview Code (UK) Code
Maio 2005 - Kuroikarasu
1. Hello ! Thank you for this interview. First, could you introduce yourself and your new band to our french readers ?Hello to you. I am Aort, the guitarist and main song writer for code. code is a black metal band based on ...[Ler o próximo]
interview Code (UK) Code
Junho 2005 - DJ In Extremis
In the line of Khold and Thorns, namely a black metal loyal to the glorious elders, but which doesnt hesitate to break some rules which are too strict, here is code, and its first album out on Spinefarm. Metalheads who are enough open-minded wi...[Ler o próximo]
interview Coldspell Coldspell (en)
Agosto 2009 - Kerbinator
Coldspell is a swedish melodic metal band with a amazing album callen Infinite Stargaze.
Interview with guitar player Micke Larsson.

Michael, Coldspell was formed in...[Ler o próximo]
interview Coldworker Coldworker
Outubro 2006 - DJ-in-extremis
For many grindcore freaks around the world, 26th of december 2004 is a special date : Mieszko Talarczyk deceased in the tragical asian Tsunami amog 300.000 dead. About a year after Nasum ...[Ler o próximo]
interview Cor Scorpii Cor Scorpii
Maio 2008 - Nordstjarna
1) First, classic question, could you present the band?

[Ler o próximo]
interview Coram Lethe Coram LEthe
Setembro 2005 - DJ In Extremis
Let me introduce you to the world of Coram Lethe. This melodic death-metal new band from Italy just released their 1st album on Crash Music. An interview done by email in september 2005.>Hi guys ! I recently received your new...[Ler o próximo]
interview Corrosion Of Conformity Corrosion Of Conformity (en)
Janeiro 2012 - metalwahine
[Ler o próximo]
interview Cruadalach Cruadalach (en)
Outubro 2011 - AlonewithL
[Ler o próximo]
interview Cult Of Luna Cult Of Luna (en)
Outubro 2013 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
...[Ler o próximo]
interview Cyanosis Cyanosis (en)
Março 2010 - GandhiEgo
[Ler o próximo]
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