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interview Balance Of Silence Balance of Silence
Outubro 2004 - Spirit of Metal
Hi, first, thanks answering this interview. And could you start it with a little biography of your group ? All the guys in the group apart from Li were originally from a band called Slavestate, we had picked up a good following...[Ler o próximo]
interview Barathrum Barathrum
Junho 2005 - DJ In Extremis
Its been already 15 years that Demonos defecates without mercy on millions of orthodoxes sheep by means of a bestial and raw black metal. Barathrum has really acquired a cult status during these 15 years spent in the devils service In those ti...[Ler o próximo]
interview Barcode (DK) Barcode
Abril 2005 - Dj In Extremis
...[Ler o próximo]
interview Beecher Beecher
Março 2006 - Julien
1) Can you introduce us the band ?Yes of course! So, were Beecher were from Manchester, UK. My name is Edward Im the singer and we have Dave on bass, Mark on guitar, Dany on guitar, Dany on drums. 2) how can yo...[Ler o próximo]
interview Behemoth (PL) Behemoth (PL) (en)
Abril 2012 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
[Ler o próximo]
interview Behemoth (PL) Behemoth (PL) (en)
Abril 2014 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
[Ler o próximo]
interview Berserk (SLV) Berserk
Junho 2008 - _Zero_
I had the opportunity of made this interview with Crimson the front man of Bersek, a Thrash metal band who is growing very strong in our local scene, exclusively for the Spirit of Metal c...[Ler o próximo]
interview Between The Buried And Me Between The Buried And Me (en)
Julho 2012 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
[Ler o próximo]
interview Big Boy Big Boy
Outubro 2007 - Julien
Interview mail avec Big Boy

1) Hi, can you tell us your so special history ? Can you explain us how a military became a rockstar?
[Ler o próximo]
interview Billy Sheehan Billy Sheehan
Novembro 2007 - Julien
A video interview with Billy Sheehan

...[Ler o próximo]
interview Biomechanical Biomechanical
Junho 2005 - Julien
Hello !!!! Can you present us your band ?Sure thing, We are Biomechanical a new Metal band from the UK and we have been together as a band since 2001. Released our first demo Existenz in 2001 which got great reviews. The debut al...[Ler o próximo]
interview Black Majesty Black Majesty
Outubro 2007 - Trashykiss
A video interview with Black Majesty at Wacken 2007

...[Ler o próximo]
interview Blackguard Blackguard (en)
Maio 2012 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
Blackguard is a “symphonic, melodic, death metal” band from Montreal. They have been around for 10 years and have released 3 albums so far. If you live in North America you have probably a...[Ler o próximo]
interview Blaze Bayley Blaze (UK)
Julho 2008 - Julien
Interview mail avec Blaze Bayley

1) Can you tell us your own history from Wolfsbane until The Man Who Would Not Die.

[Ler o próximo]
interview Blind Guardian Blind Guardian (en)
Dezembro 2010 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
[Ler o próximo]
interview Blood Red Throne Blood red throne
Fevereiro 2005 - Spirit of Metal - Necroreaper
Hi, Thanks for take time to answer to this interview. Can we begin with a biography of your group? Hi, Død started the band in 1998 when he found drummer Freddy. Tchort joined on guitar immediately after this. A...[Ler o próximo]
interview Bloodbath (SWE) Bloodbath
Outubro 2004 - Dj In Extremis
For the third time in five years, a bunch of today’s most dreadful metallers [Dan Swano, Peter Tagtgren, Blackheim, Jonas Renkse, Martin Axenrot] join to commit the inexplicable : the ultimate old-school death-metal masterpiece. ...[Ler o próximo]
interview Bound By Exile Bound By Exile (en)
Outubro 2011 - miniradman
[Ler o próximo]
interview Brand New Sin Brand New Sin
Maio 2005 - Kivan
Hi, first, thanks answering this interview. And could you start it with a little biography of your group ? --- Brand New Sin was formed in September 2001, we were signed to Now Or Never Records in October of the same year. We r...[Ler o próximo]
interview Broken Hope Broken Hope (en)
Abril 2014 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
...[Ler o próximo]
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