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interview Abandoned (GER) Abandoned
Junho 2007 - DJ In Extremis
If you like pure thrash-metal the old-school way with a clear preference for the bay-area sound, german Abandoned thrashers are guys you should listen to as quickly as possible. Drink you...[Ler o próximo]
interview Abiotic Abiotic (en)
Outubro 2013 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
...[Ler o próximo]
interview Abysmal Dawn Abysmal Dawn (en)
Abril 2013 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
[Ler o próximo]
interview Accept Accept (en)
Maio 2011 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
[Ler o próximo]
interview Adler's Appetite Adler's Appetite (en)
Maio 2011 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
[Ler o próximo]
interview After Forever After forever
Abril 2005 - Night-witch et Guardian
1. Hi, first, thanks answering this interview. Could you start it with a little presentation of your band ? well, After Forever started in 1995 with writing songs, back then I named it Apocalypse. In 1996 the name chan...[Ler o próximo]
interview Agathodaimon Agathodaimon
Junho 2004 - DJ In Extremis
Founded in 95, Agathodaimon quickly became one of the leading acts in european metal scene. Albums like "Blacken the Angel" and "Higher Art of Rebellion" have contributed to break all boundaries between all kinds o...[Ler o próximo]
interview Ahab Ahab
Novembro 2006 - dj-in-extremis
If you think like me that slow & heavy music can surpass blasting metal in terms of intensity, then Ahab is for you. This german funeral-doom trio just released one of the d...[Ler o próximo]
interview Al Namrood Al Namrood (en)
Setembro 2012 - Sentenced

[Ler o próximo]
interview Alcest Alcest (en)
Outubro 2013 - Deesse_de_la_nuit

...[Ler o próximo]
interview Alestorm Alestorm (en)
Outubro 2011 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
[Ler o próximo]
interview Almah Almah
Janeiro 2009 - Lucky
Almah is Brazilian power metal band, known in the first place by the name of vocalist Edu Falaschi, who is the singer of Angra. But other musicians are also worth your attention, and we s...[Ler o próximo]
interview Amon Amarth Amon Amarth (en)
Abril 2011 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
[Ler o próximo]
interview Amoral Amoral (en)
Outubro 2009 - Nastasia
Amoral is a band which was recently heard of mostly in connection with their new album which showed a change of the year. Unfortunately, the singer and the maker of the biggest change Ari...[Ler o próximo]
interview Amorphis Amorphis (en)
Outubro 2010 - darknessguide

[Ler o próximo]
interview Anaal Nathrakh Anaal Nathrakh (en)
Maio 2015 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
...[Ler o próximo]
interview Anathema (UK) Anathema (UK) (en)
Outubro 2013 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
...[Ler o próximo]
interview Andre Matos Andre Matos (en)
Maio 2009 - Lucky
Andre Matos can be familiar name for you: he is the vocalist known by several bands and projects, like Angra, Shaaman, Viper,Virgo, Avantasia And recently he started his solo career. Of ...[Ler o próximo]
interview Angrenost (POR) Angrenost (POR) (en)
Novembro 2013 - Icare
[Ler o próximo]
interview Animals Killing People Animals Killing People (en)
Novembro 2009 - GandhiEgo
Hi Eston and thank you for this interview for Spirit Of Metal.

Youre Animals Killing People's new singer. I tried and looked for information on you and found out you use...[Ler o próximo]
interview Antalgia Antalgia (en)
Dezembro 2012 - xavier74

[Ler o próximo]
interview Aperion Aperion (en)
Novembro 2011 - xavier74
Discover this original band , half-classical, half-metal from Slovenia

Could you explain your music for the people who don't know your band
MARTIN: We ...[Ler o próximo]
interview Apocalyptica Apocalyptica
Março 2008 - Julien
A video interview with Apocalyptica

...[Ler o próximo]
interview Arise (SWE) Arise
Abril 2005 - Spirit of Metal - Kivan
answers by Daniel (Drums) Hi, first, thanks answering this interview. And could you start it with a little biography of your group ? Arise was formed back in 96/97 by me and Patrik and from the beginning ...[Ler o próximo]
interview Arkona (RUS) Arkona (RUS) (en)
Dezembro 2011 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
[Ler o próximo]
interview At The Lake At The Lake (en)
Janeiro 2012 - AlonewithL
[Ler o próximo]
interview Atrocity (GER) Atrocity
Maio 2004 - DJ In Extremis
Atrocity is one of the first death-metal bands who emerged from the german deepest hell in the mid 80’s. After having experimented all these years through many different fields like elektro, atmospheric or even ethno-metal, Atrocity is b...[Ler o próximo]
interview Avven Avven (en)
Agosto 2011 - AlonewithL
Avven is an unique formation on Slovenian music scene. The band has seven members, that combine the classical rock line-up with folk instruments (irish whistles and violin). In the past few ye...[Ler o próximo]
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