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Liste des groupes Hardcore Youth Of Today


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Dernier Line-up

Autres groupes/Commentaires
John Porcelly
: Guitare
Violent Children, Shelter, Gorilla Biscuits, Judge, Bold, Project X, Young Republicans, Ray and Porcell
Ray Cappo
: Chant
Violent Children, Shelter, Ray and Porcell, Better Than a Thousand, Reflex from Pain
Walter Shreifels
: Basse
Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand, Moondog, Walking Concert, Rival Schools
Sammy Siegler
: Batterie
CIV, Side By Side, Gorilla Biscuits, Judge, Rival Schools

Membres passés

Autres groupes/Commentaires
Drew Thomas : Batterie Crippled Youth, Bold, The New Rising Sons, Into Another
Craig Setari : Basse Sick of it All, ex-Agnostic Front, Straight Ahead, Creep Division, NYC Mayhem, Cro-Mags, Rest in Pieces
Darren Pesce : Batterie Young Republicans
Mike Judge : Batterie Judge, Mike Judge And Old Smoke, Death Before Dishonor
Graham Philips : Basse Young Republicans
Tom Carroll : Batterie Straight Ahead


Can't Close My Eyes (Album - )mp3Paroles 
Break Down the Walls (Album - )mp3Paroles 
We're Not in This Alone (Album - )mp3Paroles 
Disengage (EP - )mp3Paroles 
Take a Stand (Live - )mp3  
Live at Van Hall, Amsterdam, 1989 (Live - )   
Live at CBGB's (Live - )   


  • Youth Of Today -

  • Youth Of Today - Break Down The Walls

  • YOUTH OF TODAY - 2003-07-02 - Part 1

  • YOUTH OF TODAY - 2003-07-02 - Part 2

  • YOUTH OF TODAY - 2003-07-02 - Part 3

  • YOUTH OF TODAY - 2003-07-02 - Part 4

  • YOUTH OF TODAY - 2003-07-02 - Part 5

  • YOUTH OF TODAY - 2003-07-02 - Part 6

  • Youth Of Today - Live in Paris [Mar 17, 1989]

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