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Also known as X
Style Visual Kei
Status Active
Formed In 1982
Country Japan
City Tateyama
Fans 648
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  • Tomoaki "Pata" Ishizuka

    Guitar, Back Vocals

    [1987-1997] [since 2007], Ra:IN, ex-Black Rose, ex-Dope Headz, ex-Judy, ex-P.A.F

  • Hiroshi "Heath" Morie

    Bass, Back Vocals

    [1992-1997] [since 2007], ex-Paranoia, ex-Dope Headz, ex-Heath, ex-Lynx, ex-Media Youth, ex-Sweet Death

  • Yasuhiro "Sugizo" Sugihara

    Guitar, Violin

    [since 2008], Luna Sea, S.K.I.N, Sugizo

  • Yoshiki Hayashi

    Drums, Keyboard

    [1982-1997] [since 2007], Violet UK, ex-Dynamite, ex-Globe, ex-Noise, ex-S.K.I.N., ex-V2, ex-Yoshiki

  • Toshimitsu "Toshi" Deyama


    [1982-1997] [since 2007], Toshi, ex-Dynamite, ex-L.O.X., ex-Noise, ex-Toshi with T-Earth, ex-Toshimitsu Deyama

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