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logo Woe, Is Me

Band's list Metalcore Woe, Is Me
    Also known as : WIM, Woe Is Me


Status Formed InSeparated In


    USA (Atlanta, Georgia)
Popularity   Fans
    192 Fans
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Last line-up

Others bands/comments
Doriano Magliano
: Vocals
[since 2012], ex-As Tides Turn, ex-That's Outrageous, ex-Vela
Brian Medley
: Bass
[since 2012], ex-ShowtheFight
Kevin Hanson
: Guitar
[since 2009], ex-Cheyne Stokes
David Angle
: Drums
[since 2013], ex-At The Skylines
Andrew Paiano
: Guitar
[since 2011], ex-Abandon All Ships

Past members

Others bands/comments
Ben Ferris : Back Vocals, Keyboard [2009-2012], ex-Cheyne Stokes, ex-Issues
Michael Bohn : Vocals [2009-2012], Issues, ex-A Path Less Traveled
Cory Ferris : Bass [2009-2012], ex-Cheyne Stokes, ex-Issues
Hance Alligood : Vocals [2011-2012], ex-Oh, Manhattan
Tim Sherrill : Guitar [2009-2010], ex-Shooter McGavin
Geoffrey Higgins : Guitar [2011], live member
Tyler Carter : Vocals [2009-2011], Issues, ex-A Path Less Traveled
Austin Reed Thornton : Drums [2009-2013], ex-Of Machines
Jack Langdell : Guitar [2011], live member


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  • Woe, Is Me - Stand Up (New CDep exclusive to BEST BUY on AUG. 20th)

  • Woe, Is Me - A Story to Tell

  • Woe, Is Me - A Story to Tell (Lyrics Video)

  • Woe, Is Me - I've Told You Once (Lyrics Video)

  • Woe, Is Me - Vengeance

  • Woe, Is Me - Hot 'n Cold (Lyrics Video)

  • Woe, Is Me - Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) (Lyrics Video)

  • Woe, Is Me - Delinquents

  • Woe, Is Me - Number(s) (Promo)

  • Woe, Is Me - Full Set! (Live at the Pyknic Partery Tour)

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