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logo White Heart

Band's list Hard FM White Heart
    Also known as : Whiteheart


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Last line-up

Others bands/comments
Barry Graul
: Guitar
Whitecross, Halo
Mark Gersmehl
: Vocals, Back Vocals, Keyboard
[since 1982]
Mark Hill
: Bass
Mike Mead
: Drums
Steve Hindalong
: Percussions
The Choir, Skinny
Billy Smiley
: Guitar, Back Vocals
[since 1982]

Past members

Others bands/comments
Anthony Sallee : Bass [1990-1993]
Jon Knox : Drums, Percussions [1991-1996], Adam Again
David Lyndon Huff : Drums, Percussions [1982-1985], Giant
Dann Huff : Guitar, Back Vocals [1982-1984], Giant, Doro, Lou Gramm, Whitecross, Whitesnake
Bob Parr : Bass Slick Moon
Steve Brewster : Percussions Whitecross
Mike Wilson : Back Vocals Mama's Boys, Ivory Tower
Gordon Kennedy : Guitar, Back Vocals [1985-1989], Doro, Whitecross
John Thorne : Bass, Back Vocals [1995]
Tommy Sims : Bass, Keyboard [1986-1989]
Chris McHugh : Drums, Percussions [1986-1989]
Rhic Florian : Vocals, Back Vocals [1986-1997]
Eric Darken : Percussions Bon Jovi, White Heart, Van Zant, Michael Sweet,
Brian Wooten : Guitar [1990-1995], Whitecross, Petra
Mark Nemer : Drums, Percussions [1990]
Scott Douglas Mathiesen : Vocals [1984-1985]
Steve Green : Vocals [1982]
Gary Lunn : Bass [1982-1986]
Kevin Mills : Bass [1995-1997]


Vital Signs (LP - 1984)mp3  
Hotline (LP - 1985)mp3  
Don't Wait for the Movie (LP - 1986)mp3  
Emergency Broadcast (LP - 1987)mp3  
Greatest Hits (Compilation - 1987)mp3  
Freedom (CD - 1989)mp3  
Souvenirs (Compilation - 1990)mp3  
Power House (CD - 1991)   
Tales of Wonder (CD - 1992)mp3  
Highlands (CD - 1993)mp3  
Quiet Storm (the Ballads) (Compilation - 1993)mp3  
Nothing But the Best - Radio Classics (Compilation - 1994)   
Nothing But the Best - Rock Classics (Compilation - 1994)mp3  
Inside (CD - 1995)mp3  
The Early Years (CD - 1996)mp3  
Redemption (CD - 1997)mp3  


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