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logo Where Angels Suffer

Band's list Metal Where Angels Suffer
    Also known as : WAS


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Last line-up

Others bands/comments
Stet Howland
: Drums
Lita Ford, ex-WASP, ex-Killing Machine, ex-Belladonna, ex-Lynyrd Skynyrd, ex-Impelliterri
Chris Holmes
: Guitar
Chris Holmes Band, ex-WASP
Steve Unger
: Bass, Back Vocals
ex-Metal Church
Rich Lewis
: Vocals
ex-Randy Piper's Animal

Past members

Others bands/comments
Randy Piper : Guitar, Back Vocals ex-WASP, Randy Piper's Animal
Ira Black : Guitar ex-Metal Church, ex-Lizzy Borden, ex-Heathen


Purgatory (Album - )mp3Lyrics 


  • Where Angels Suffer - Animal (Fuck Like a Beast) (W.A.S.P. Cover, live at Arizona Petes, 07/10/2010)

  • Where Angels Suffer - Crying Eagle/Eye of the Storm/Wild Child (Live at Ale Mary's, USA, 18/11/2010)

  • Where Angels Suffer - Morning After/Cardiac Arrest (Live at Ale Mary's, Fort Myers, USA, 18/11/2010)

  • Where Angels Suffer - Hellion/Stet Howland's Drum Solo/Love Machine (Live at Ale Mary's, 18/11/2010)

  • Where Angels Suffer - Don't Wanna Die/Blind in Texas (Live at Ale Mary's, Ft. Myers, USA, 18/11/2010

  • Where Angels Suffer - I Wanna Be Somebody/Animal/Lust (Live at Ale Mary's, USA, 18/11/2010)

  • Where Angels Suffer - Cardiac Arrest (Live at Roseland Theater, Portland, United States, 2011)

  • Where Angels Suffer - Eye of the Storm (Live at Jaxx, Sringfield, Virginia, USA, 06/11/2010)

  • Where Angels Suffer - Blind in Texas (Live at Jaxx, Springfield, USA, 06/11/2010)

  • Where Angels Suffer - On Brutal Broadcast (Interview and Live)

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