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logo Warlord (USA)

Bands Heavy Metal Warlord (USA)


Status Gegründet


    USA (Los Angeles, California)
Bekanntheit   Fans
    74 Fans
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Aktuelles Line-up

Andere Bands/Informationen
Gary Wehrkamp
: Bass
live member, Shadow Gallery
Nicholas Leptos
: Vocals
Arrayan Path, Astronomikon
William J Tsamis (aka Destroyer)
: Gitarre
Lordian Guard
Mark "Thunder Child" Zonder
: Drums
Fates Warning, Slavior, Cans, Redemption, At War With Self, Under-Radio
Angelo Vafeiadis
: Keyboard
live member, 9MM
Paolo Viani
: Gitarre
live member, Moonlight Circus
Philip E Bynoe
: Bass
Steve Vai, Slavior, Ring Of Fire

Frühere Bandmitglieder

Andere Bands/Informationen
Jack Rucker (aka Damien King I) : Vocals
David "Archangel" Watry : Bass
Joacim Cans : Vocals Hammerfall, ex-Lost Horizon (SWE)
Diane "Sentinel" Kornarens : Keyboard
Rick Cunningham (aka Damien King II) : Vocals
Daniele Soravia : Keyboard live member
Rick Anderson (aka Damien King III) : Vocals
Giles Lavery : Vocals live member, Dragonsclaw


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Lordian Winds (Démo - )   
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Rising Out of the Ashes (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
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The Holy Empire (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
The Ten Commandments (Warlord Through the Years) (Compilation - )   


  • Warlord - Lost and Lonely Days (Live at Greek TV, 2013)

  • Warlord - Aliens (Live in Athens, 2013)

  • Warlord - City Walls of Troy (Live in Athens, 2013)

  • Warlord - Achilles Revenge (Live in Athens, 2013)

  • Warlord - Lucifer's Hammer (Live in Athens, 2013)

  • Warlord - Mrs Victoria (Live in Athens, 2013)

  • Warlord - Child of the Damned (Live in Athens, 2013)

  • Warlord - Deliver Us

  • Warlord - Child of the Damned

  • Warlord - The Aliens

  • Warlord - Live @ C-Stone 86

  • Warlord - Lost And Lonely Days

  • Warlord - Lucifer's Hammer

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