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logo WWIII

Band's list Heavy Metal WWIII


Status Formed In


    USA (Los Angeles, California)
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    14 Fans
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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
James Kottak
: Drums
ex-Scorpions, ex-Kingdom Come
Mandy Lion
: Vocals
Hellion, Wicked Alliance
Jimmy Bain
: Bass
ex-Dio, ex-Rainbow
Kurt James
: Guitar
ex-Steeler, ex-Black Sheep, ex-Black Bart

Past members

Others bands/comments
Tony : Bass
Michael Delaouglou aka Mikkey Dee : Drums Motörhead, ex-King Diamond, ex-Dokken, ex-Geisha
August Warchell : Guitar Johnny Crash
Pete Holmes : Drums MSG, Wild Dogs, Malice, Monster, Black Symphony
Geezer Montez : Bass
Moni Scaria : Guitar Joey Vera
Jon Purpura : Bass Driven By Hate
Christopher Stewart : Guitar Johnny Crash, ex-Population 5
Vinny Appice : Drums Derringer, Erik Norlander, Power Project, Heaven And Hell (UK), ex-Dio
Skip Gillette : Drums
Danny Stagg : Guitar Kingdom Come, ex-Population 5
Tracy "G" Grijalva : Guitar ex-Dio
Dave Ducey : Drums Warrior, Rob Rock
Sledge : Drums
Joe Floyd : Guitar Rob Rock, Warrior
Rob Farr : Bass
Johnny B. Frank : Bass Kingdom Come, ex-Population 5
Tracy G : Guitar Dio, Eightball Cholos, Tracy G, Driven, Goad-ed, Epic, Vessyl, ex-Swift Kick, ex-Rags


WWIII (CD - )mp3  
The Unreleased Demos (Démo - )   
When God Turned Away (CD - )mp3  


  • WWIII - Let the Flesh Rule the Mind

  • WWIII - Time for Terrror

  • WWIII - Rise (Live at the World Famous Keyclub)

  • WWIII - Love you to Death

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