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logo Unleash The Archers

Band's list Power Metal Unleash The Archers
    Also known as : UTA


Status Formed In


    Canada (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Popularity   Fans
    90 Fans
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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Brittney Slayes
: Vocals
[since 2007]
Scott Buchanan
: Drums
[since 2007]
Nikko Whitworth
: Bass
[since 2016], ex-Expain, ex-Auroch, ex-Gladius Sky, ex-Nylithia, ex-Harvest The Infection (live)
Andrew Saunders
: Vocals, Guitar
[since 2014], ex-Archon Legion, ex-Gremory, ex-Golgotha, ex-Mother Died Today, ex-Robot Metropolis, ex-Stetson Road (live)
Grant Truesdell
: Vocals, Guitar
[since 2011], ex-Archon Legion, ex-Golgotha, ex-West Of Hell (live), ex-Lesbian Fist Magnet, ex-Alcoholic White Trash (live)

Past members

Others bands/comments
Brayden Dzcykowski : Vocals, Guitar
Kyle Sheppard : Bass
Brad Kennedy : Bass
Mike Selman : Guitar
Zahk Hedstrom : Bass


Behold the Devastation (Album - )  
Unleash the Archers (Demo - )   
Demons of the AstroWaste (Album - )  
Defy the Skies (EP - )  
Time Stands Still (Album - )  
Apex (Album - )  


  • Unleash The Archers - Apex

  • Unleash The Archers - The Matriarch

  • Unleash The Archers - Cleanse the Bloodlines

  • Unleash The Archers - Time Stands Still

  • Unleash The Archers - General of the Dark Army

  • Unleash The Archers - Test Your Metal

  • Unleash The Archers - Tonight We Ride

  • Unleash The Archers - Dawn of Ages

  • Unleash The Archers - Destroyer (Live at Vancouver, 2009)

  • Unleash The Archers - Realm of Tomorrow (Live at Montreal, 2012)

  • Unleash The Archers - The Outlander (Live Acoustic Version, 2011)

  • Unleash The Archers - The Path Unsought (Live at Montreal, 2012)

  • Unleash the Archers - Upon Ashen Wings (Live at Canada, 2012)

  • Unleash The Archers - Filth and the Fable Eat What You Kill (Live at Femme Fatale Festival, 2010)

  • Unleash The Archers - The Path Unsought (Live at Vancouver, 2012)

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