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logo Unearth

Band's list Metalcore Unearth


Status Formed In


    USA (Boston, Massachussets)
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    1068 Fans
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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Nick Pierce
: Drums
[since 2011]
Trevor Phipps
: Vocals
[since 1998]
John "Slo" Maggard
: Bass
[since 2001], ex-Flatlined
Ken Susi
: Guitar
[since 1998]
Buz McGrath
: Guitar
[since 1998], ex-Lamb Of God

Past members

Others bands/comments
Derek Kerswill : Drums [2007-2010], Kingdom Of Sorrow, ex-Scattered Remnants, ex-Seemless, ex-Shadows Fall, ex-Twelfth of Never
Mike Rudberg : Drums [1998-2003]
Mike Justian : Drums [2003-2007], ex-Backstabbers Inc, ex-Candy Stripper Death Orgy, ex-Eviscerate (USA), ex-The Red Chord, ex-Trap Them
Justin Foley : Drums [2011]
Chris "Rover" Rybicki : Bass [1998-2001], died 09/21/2010 (Traffic accident)
Emil Werstler : Guitar [2009], live member, Chimaira, Daath, Levi Werstler
Tim Mycek : Drums [2002], live member, ex-Cold As Life
Dave Stauble : Guitar [2002], live member
Kia Eshghi : Guitar [2001-2004], live member
Peter Layman : Guitar [2005], live member, Apiary
Gene Hoglan : Drums [2007], live member, Dethklok, Fear Factory, Meldrum, Memorain, Pitch Black Forecast, Tenet, Zimmers Hole, ex-Dark Angel, ex-Strapping Young Lad


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III: In the Eyes of Fire (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
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  • Unearth - March of the Mutes

  • Unearth - Arise the War Cry

  • Unearth - Watch It Burn

  • Unearth - Black Hearts Now Reign

  • Unearth - Giles

  • Unearth - My Will Be Done

  • Unearth "This Glorious Nightmare"

  • Unearth - Endless (live)

  • Unearth - The Great Dividers

  • Unearth - Sanctity Of Brothers

  • This Glorious Nightmare (Clip)

  • One Step Away (Live)

  • My Heart Bleeds no Longer (Live)

  • This lying World (Live)

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