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logo Tygers Of Pan Tang

Band's list NWOBHM Tygers Of Pan Tang


Status Formed In


Popularity   Fans
    237 Fans
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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Dean Deano Robertson
: Guitar
Craig Ellis
: Drums
Robb Weir
: Guitar
Brian West
: Bass
ex-London, ex-Tko
Jacopo Meille
: Vocals

Past members

Others bands/comments
Brian Dick : Drums
Neil Shepherd : Guitar
Richie Wicks : Vocals
Steve Lamb : Guitar
John Sykes : Guitar Streetfighter, Badlands (UK), Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake, Blue Murder
Dave Donaldson : Bass
Clin Irwin : Bass
Richard "Rocky" Laws : Bass
Fred Purser : Guitar
Tony Liddell : Vocals
Jess Cox : Vocals
John Deverill : Vocals ex-Persian Risk


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Tygers of Pan Tang (Album - )   


  • Tygers Of Pan Tang - Only the Brave

  • Tygers of Pan Tang - Slave to Freedom (Live at the Queen's hall at Nuneaton - 14/12/2006)

  • Tygers Of Pan Tang (Live at Rios, Leeds, 02/2008)

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  • Tygers Of Pan Tang - Wreck-Age, Desert Of No Love (live TV)

  • Love Potion No.9 - Tygers Of Pan Tang

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