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logo Through The Eyes Of The Dead

Bands Deathcore Through The Eyes Of The Dead
    Auch bekannt als : TTEOTD


Status Gegründet


    USA (Florence, South Carolina)
Bekanntheit   Fans
    322 Fans
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Aktuelles Line-up

Andere Bands/Informationen
Michael Ranne
: Drums
[since 2008], Circuit Of Suns, ex-My Bitter End, ex-We Are The Romans, ex-The Huntress
Danny Rodriguez
: Vocals
[Since 2009] Roman Ring, Wasted Fortune, ex-Erjony
Jake Ososkie
: Bass
[since 2005], ex-Arsis
Justin Longshore
: Gitarre
[since 2003], ex-Tellherisaidgoodbye

Frühere Bandmitglieder

Andere Bands/Informationen
Dayton Cantley : Drums [2003-2005], Heathen Bastard, Ditch Eel, ex-Graves Of Valor
Lou Tanuis : Vocals [2007], live member, Forsaken The Sky, ex-Conducting From The Grave, ex-Invocation Of Nehek, ex-On Paths Of Torment, ex-Serpents
Paul Meredith : Drums [2005-2006], Left To Vanish
Jerry Stovall : Drums [2005], live member, Decrepitance, ex-Council Of The Fallen
Jeff Springs : Bass [2003-2005], Ditch Eel, ex-Graves Of Valor
Chris Anderson : Gitarre [2004-2007]
Josh Kulick : Drums [2005-2009], Origin (USA)
Chris Henckel : Gitarre [2008-2010], My Bitter End, ex-Anyone But You
Steven Funderburk : Gitarre [2014], live member, Wretched (USA-2)
Anthony Gunnels : Vocals [2003-2007], ex-By The Sins Fell Angels, ex-Heathen Bastard
Richard Turbeville : Gitarre [2003-2004], [2007-2008], ex-Graves Of Valor
Hector De Santiago : Drums [2007], live member, ex-As Blood Runs Black
Nate Johnson : Vocals [2007], ex-Fit For An Autopsy, ex-Premonitions Of War, ex-Turmoil (USA), ex-Deadwater Drowning, ex-Since The Flood, ex-The Final Battle, ex-BuckHunter


The Scars of Ages (EP - )  
Annihilation of Expectation (Split - )   
Bloodlust (Album - )  
Malice (Album - ) 
Skepsis (Album - )  


Through The Eyes Of The Dead - Failure of the Flesh

Through The Eyes of the Dead - Two Inches From A Main Artery

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