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logo The Rotted

Bands Death Metal The Rotted
    Auch bekannt als : ex-Gorerotted


Status Gegründet


Bekanntheit   Fans
    102 Fans
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Aktuelles Line-up

Andere Bands/Informationen
Rev. Trudgill
: Bass
[since 2008], Screamin' Daemon
Tim Carley
: Gitarre
[since 2008]
Ben McCrow
: Vocals
[since 2008]
Nate Gould
: Drums
[since 2008], Apocalypse Warhead, Screamin' Daemon, Agonyst

Frühere Bandmitglieder

Andere Bands/Informationen
Dave Hirschheimer (aka Dave Infest) : Drums Infestation (UK), ex-Obsidian (UK), ex-Cradle Of Filth
Jeremy Gray (aka Milky Orificenlarger) : Gitarre Infestation (UK)
Nutty Strangeways : Vocals
Mr. Gore : Vocals
Matt Hoban : Gitarre ex-Failed Humanity
Junky Jon (aka Rushy Insane) : Drums Brutal Insanity, Detrimentum (UK), Infected Disarray
Steve Smith (aka Mr. Smith) : Bass Beyond Fear (UK), 7th Child
Gian Pyres : Gitarre Extreme Noise Terror, Bal-Sagoth, Screamin' Daemon, Christian Death, Saetith, ex-Cradle Of Filth, ex-Solstice (UK), ex-Dragonlord, ex-Ship Of Fools
Robin Pants : Gitarre
Dicksplash : Gitarre
Phil Wilson (aka The Wilson) : Vocals, Bass Saturnian, Traces, ex-Regorge (UK)


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Split Your Guts Volume 1 (Split - )   
Only Tools and Corpses (CD - ) Lyrics 
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  • The Rotted - Rotted Fucking Earth

  • The Rotted - Surrounded by Skulls

  • The Rotted - Kissing You with My Fists (Live at Elsrock 2008, NL)

  • The Rotted - Angel of Meth (Live at Elsrock 2008, NL)

  • The Rotted - Nothin' But A Nosebleed

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