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logo The Breathing Process

Band's list Symphonic Death Black The Breathing Process
    Also known as : TBP


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Last line-up

Others bands/comments
Jordan Milner
: Guitar, Back Vocals
[since 2003], Deadform
Sara Loerlien
: Vocals, Guitar
[since 2009], Deadform
James "Legion" Anthony
: Vocals
[since 2011], Deadform
Chris Lewallen
: Drums
[since 2012], Deadform
Jared Sloan
: Keyboard
[since 2009], Gothic Knights, ex-Nethereal

Past members

Others bands/comments
John Paul Andrade : Drums [2009-2012], Windfaerer, ex-At Rest, ex-Death By Names, ex-Grimus, ex-Skies Devoured
Steve Pianka : Guitar ex-Invocation Of Nehek
Nick Burns : Bass
Nikolas Tormentahl : Drums
Josh Myers : Drums ex-The Hica Legacy
Alan Cassidy : Drums [2008-2009], The Black Dahlia Murder, ex-Abigail Williams
Andrew Baxter : Drums
Ian Van Opijnen : Guitar
Phil Soltis : Drums
Julian Parker : Bass [2009-2010], Pictures Of Winter
Madison Roseberry : Guitar, Keyboard ex-Apostasy
Chris Sansone : Drums ex-The Way Of All Flesh
Kimberley Anderson : Keyboard
Patrick Lynch : Guitar
Alana Potocnik : Keyboard [2008-2009], Winds Of Plague, ex-The Story Of Five White Antlers, ex-Abigail Williams
Ted Stepanik : Guitar ex-Shallow Water Grave
Nick Robinson : Guitar
Brian "Ren" Varney : Bass ex-Rose Funeral
Johnny Vaina : Bass [2006-2007]
Dan "Skip" Jones : Drums
John LaFreniere : Vocals [2003-2011]
Dan Renna : Guitar
Patrick Allers : Guitar


Dialog Analysis for the Heartless (EP - )   
Démo (Demo - )   
Démo 2005 (Demo - )   
I Am Legion (Demo - )  
In Waking: Divinity (Album - )  
Odyssey (Un)Dead (Album - )   


The Breathing Process - Vultures

The Breathing Process - Inferno

The Breathing Process - The Harvesting

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