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logo Tears Of Martyr

Band's list Gothic Metal Tears Of Martyr


Status Formed In


Popularity   Fans
    22 Fans
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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Doramas Parraga
: Drums
Miguel Ángel Marqués
: Vocals, Guitar
Berenice Musa
: Vocals, Keyboard
Adrián Miranda
: Bass

Past members

Others bands/comments
Carlos "Archeon" : Bass
Javier Montesdeoca : Guitar
Yeray Corujo : Keyboard
Armando J. Alvarez : Vocals, Bass


The Essence of Evil (Démo - ) Lyrics 
Renascence (Démo - )mp3Lyrics 
Entrance (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
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  • Tears Of Martyr - Mermaid and Loneliness

  • Tears Of Martyr - The Scent No.13th (Live at A Tour of Tales Across México, Mexico, 2015)

  • Tears Of Martyr - GoleM

  • Tears Of Martyr - Making of (about the Album 'Tales', at New Sin Studios, Italy, 08/2012)

  • Tears Of Martyr - The Renascence (Live at Night of Rock, 2011)

  • Tears Of Martyr - Medley (about the Album 'Entrance')

  • Tears of Martyr - A New Design (Live & Backstage, Wien, Austria, 2011)

  • Tears Of Martyr - Lock the Wolf and Moon (Live at Night of Rock, 2011)

  • Tears of Martyr - Violence In Red (Live at Night of Rock, Enzesfeld - Lindabrunn, Austria, 2011)

  • Tears Of Martyr - Dark Tears (Don't You Shed Those) (Live in Madrid, Spain, 18/06/2011)

  • Tears Of Martyr - Dark Tears (Live in Madrid, Spain, 15/04/2011)

  • Tears Of Martyr - Review (about the Album 'Tales',on 'European Metal Tour Channel 2', 2013)

  • Tears Of Martyr - Realm of Pain (Live at Rock Box TV)

  • Tears Of Martyr - Realm of Pain

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