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logo Sonata Arctica

Band's list Melodic Power Sonata Arctica
    Also known as : ex-Tricky Beans, ex-Tricky Means


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    2341 Fans
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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Tommy Portimo
: Drums, Percussions
[since 1996]
Pasi Kauppinen
: Bass
[since 2013], Silent Voices, Winterborn, ex-Requiem
Tony Kakko
: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard
[since 1996], Northern Kings
Henrik Klingenberg
: Bass, Back Vocals, Keyboard
[since 2002], Mental Care Foundation, Requiem (FIN), Silent Voices, Graveyard Shift, Elias Viljanen
Elias Viljanen
: Guitar, Back Vocals
[since 2007], Astral (FIN), Depravity (FIN), Sigillum Diaboli (FIN), Mess, Evil Spirit

Past members

Others bands/comments
Mikko Härkin : Keyboard [2000-2002], Kenziner, Wingdom, Kotipelto, Random Eyes, Essence Of Sorrow, Mehida, Solution .45, Cain's Offering
Jani Liimatainen : Guitar, Back Vocals [1996-2007], Graveyard Shift, Dream Asylum, Neverday, Sydänpuu, Cain's Offering, ex-Altaria
Pentti Peura : Bass [1996-1999]
Marko Paasikoski : Guitar, Bass, Back Vocals [2000-2013]
Janne Kivilahti : Bass [1999-2000]


Agre Pamppers (Démo - )mp3Lyrics 
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Fullmoon (Démo - )mp3Lyrics 
Ecliptica (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
Silence (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
Songs of Silence - Live in Tokyo (Live - )mp3Lyrics 
Winterheart's Guild (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
Reckoning Night (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
The End of This Chapter (Compilation - )mp3Lyrics 
For the Sake of Revenge (Live - )mp3Lyrics 
The Collection (Compilation - )mp3Lyrics 
Unia (Album - )mp3LyricsReviews
Deliverance (Compilation - )mp3Lyrics 
The Days of Grays (Album - )mp3LyricsReviews
Live in Finland (LP) (Live - )mp3Lyrics 
Stones Grow Her Name (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
Pariah's Child (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
Ecliptica - Revisited 15th Anniversary Edition (Compilation - )mp3Lyrics 
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  • Sonata Arctica - Life

  • Sonata Arctica - Life (Teaser)

  • Sonata Arctica - The Ninth Hour #2 (Trailer)

  • Sonata Arctica - The Ninth Hour #3 (Trailer)

  • Sonata Arctica - The Ninth Hour - Part 1 (Trailer)

  • Sonata Arctica - Closer to an Animal

  • Sonata Arctica - Don't Say a Word (Joensuu, Laulurinne, 06/06/2015)

  • Sonata Arctica - The Wolves Die Young (Joensuu, Laulurinne, 06/06/2015)

  • Sonata Arctica - Wolf and Raven (Live)

  • Sonata Arctica - Weballergy / Wolf and Raven (Live at On Air Fest, Shibuya, 08/09/2001)

  • Sonata Arctica - Still Loving You (Live at Tampere, Finland, 02/06/2000)

  • Sonata Arctica - Weballergy (Live at On Air East, Shibuya, Japan, 2001)

  • Sonata Arctica - Blank File (Live in Hiroshima, Japan, 2003)

  • Sonata Arctica - UnOpened (Live in Hiroshima, Japan, 2003)

  • Sonata Arctica - Victoria's Secret (Live in Hiroshima, Japan, 2003)

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