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logo Rollins Band

Band's list Hardcore Rollins Band
    Also known as : Henry Rollins


Status Formed In


    USA (Washington, District of Columbia)
Popularity   Fans
    61 Fans
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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Henry Rollins
: Vocals
ex-Black Flag, ex-SOA
Chris Haskett
: Guitar
Pigface, ex-David Bowie
Melvin Gibbs
: Bass
Black Rock Coalition, ex-John Zorn
Sim Cain
: Drums
ex-Regressive Aid

Past members

Others bands/comments
Jeff Moreira : Vocals session member, Poison The Well
Jim Wilson : Guitar, Piano Mother Superior
Jason Mackenroth : Drums, Percussions, Saxophone died 03/01/2016 (cancer)
Cedric Bixler Zavala : Vocals session member, The Mars Volta
Chuck D : Vocals session member, Public Enemy, ex-Anthrax
Kira Roessler : Vocals session member, ex-Black Flag
Lemmy Kilmister : Vocals session member, Motörhead, Probot, ex-Hawkwind
Ice-T : Vocals session member, Body Count
Tom Araya : Vocals session member, Slayer
Mike Patton : Vocals session member, Faith No More, Mr.Bungle, Tomahawk, Fantômas, ex-Sepultura
Nick Olivieri : Vocals session member, Queens Of The Stone Age
Markus Blake : Bass Mother Superior
Keith Morris : Vocals live member, OFF!, FLAG, ex-Black Flag, Circle Jerks
Neil Fallon : Vocals session member, Clutch
Corey Taylor : Vocals session member, Slipknot, Roadrunner United, Stone Sour, ex-Anthrax, ex-Steel Panther
Andrew Weiss : Bass ex-Yoko Ono, Ween, Gone, Chris Harford, Helios Creed, Pigface, Regressive Aid
Iggy Pop : Vocals session member, The Stooges


Live (Split - )   
Life Time (Album - )  
Do It (Live - )   
Turned on (Live - )   
The End of Silence (Album - )  
Electro Convulsive Therapy (Live - )   
Weight (Album - )  
Disconnect (MCD - )   
Come in and Burn (Album - )  
A Clockwork Orange Stage (Live - )   
Get Some Go Again (Album - )  
Nice (Album - )  
A Rollins in the Wry (Album - )   
Rise Above (Album - )   
The Only Way to Know for Sure (Live - )   
Hard Volume Insert Band Here (Compilation - )   
Hot Animal Machine - Life Time (Compilation - )   


  • Rollins Band - Full Show (Live at Bizarre Festival, Weeze, Germany, 20/08/2000)

  • Rollins Band - Illumination

  • Rollins Band - Love's So Heavy

  • Rollins Band - The End of Something

  • Rollins Band - Starve

  • Rollins Band - Get Some Go Again

  • Rollins Band -Low Self Opinion

  • Rollins Band - Liar

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