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logo Rockets

Band's list Hard Rock Rockets
    Also known as : The Rockets


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    USA (Detroit, Michigan)
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    2 Fans
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Last line-up

Others bands/comments
Johnny "The Bee" Badanjek
: Drums, Back Vocals, Percussions
ex-Detroit, ex-The Happy Dragon Band, ex-Billy Lee and the Riveras, ex-Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels
Bobby Neil Harralson
: Bass
Donnis Backus
: Back Vocals, Keyboard
David Gilbert
: Vocals, Guitar, Back Vocals
[since 1976], died 2001, Phantom's Divine Comedy, ex-Amboy Dukes, ex-Midwest Tree Company
Dennis Robbins
: Guitar, Back Vocals
[since 1976]
Jim McCarty
: Guitar
Siegel-Schwall Blues Band, Mystery Train, Shoot, ex-Cactus, ex-Detroit Blues Band, ex-Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, ex- Buddy Miles Express

Past members

Others bands/comments
John Fraga : Bass [1972-1979], ex-The Happy Dragon Band
David Hood : Bass [1979]
Dan Keylon : Bass [1980]
Marc Marcano : Keyboard [1972-1979]


Love Transfusion (LP - 1977)   
Rockets (1) (LP - 1977)mp3  
Rockets 2 (LP - 1979)mp3  
No Ballads (LP - 1980)mp3  
Back Talk (LP - 1981)mp3  
Rocket Roll (LP - 1982)mp3  
Live Rockets (LP - 1983)   
Back Talk - Rocket Roll (Compilation - 2005)   
Fast Thing from Detroit (Compilation - 2006)   
The Rockets and No Ballads (Compilation - 2009)mp3  


  • The Rockets - Desire (Live in California, USA, 1980)

  • The Rockets - Oh Well (Live in Burbank, California, USA, 1980)

  • The Rockets - Turn Up the Radio (Live at Calahans Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA, 03/01/2009)

  • The Rockets - Untitled (Live at Stars and Stripes Festival, Mount Clemens, Michigan, USA, 2010)

  • The Rockets - Whiskey Head (Live at Stars and Stripes Festival, Mount Clemens, Michigan, USA, 2010)

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