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logo Pythia

Bands Gothic Metal Pythia


Status Gegründet


Bekanntheit   Fans
    73 Fans
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Aktuelles Line-up

Andere Bands/Informationen
Mark Harrington
: Bass
[since 2011], To-Mera, Demagogue, ex-Lost Legion, ex-The Clan Of Steel
Oz Wright
: Gitarre
[since 2013], Motherload
Marcus Matusiak
: Keyboard
[since 2013]
Ross White
: Gitarre
[since 2007], Descent
Marc Dyos
: Drums
[since 2007], founder member, Descent
Sophie Dorman
: Vocals
[since 2015]

Frühere Bandmitglieder

Andere Bands/Informationen
Emily Alice Ovenden : Vocals [2007-2015], Celtic Legend, Mediaeval Baebes
Tim Neale : Gitarre [2007-2013]
Andy Nixon-Corfield : Bass [2007-2011]
Richard Holland : Keyboard [2007-2013]


Beneath the Veiled Embrace (Album - )  
The Serpent's Curse (Album - )  
Shadows of a Broken Past (Album - )  


  • Pythia - No compromise (Live Acoustic, on the Jaegermeister Acoustic Stage, Bloodstock Festival, 200

  • Pythia - Sarah (Live Acoustic at the Bloodstock Festival, 2009)

  • Pythia - Tristan (Live at Bloodstock, 2009)

  • Pythia - Just a Lie (Live at Scala, London, UK, 12/11/2010)

  • Pythia - Ride for Glory (Live at the Purple Turtle for the Metal Sanctuary Launch Party, 07/08/2009)

  • Pythia - Army of the Damned / Tristan (Live at Purple Turtle, Camden, London, UK, 07/08/2009)

  • Pythia - Eternal Darkness (Live at The Underworld, London, UK, 2009)

  • Pythia - Ride for Glory (Live at MFVF, Wieze, Belgium, 23/10/2010)

  • Pythia - Making of (Lyrics and Vocals, for 'The Serpent's Curse' Album, 2012)

  • Pythia - Report (Guitar Parts about the Track 'My Perfect Enemy')

  • Pythia - Making Of (Axemen) (about the Album 'The Serpent's Curse')

  • Pythia - Making Of (Drums) (about the Album 'The Serpent's Curse')

  • Pythia - Making Of (Lyrics and Vocals) (about the Album 'The Serpent's Curse')

  • Pythia - Making Of (Production and Mixing) (about the Album 'The Serpent's Curse')

  • Pythia - Making Of (Guitar Parts) (about the Track 'The Circle')

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