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logo Napalm Death

Band's list Grind Death Napalm Death


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    1431 Fans
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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Mitch Harris
: Vocals, Guitar
Defecation, Righteous Pigs, Meathook Seed, Goatlord, Little Giant Drug
Shane Embury
: Bass
Brujeria, Azagthoth, Unseen Terror, Meathook Seed, Drop Dead, Blood From The Soul, Lock Up, Warhammer, Malformed Earthborn, Venomous Concept
Danny Herrera
: Drums
Venomous Concept, Anaal Nathrakh
Mark "Barney" Greenway
: Vocals
ex-Benediction, ex-Extreme Noise Terror

Past members

Others bands/comments
Mick Harris : Drums Scorn, Painkiller, Lull, Doom, ENT, Defecation, Pigface, Chaos Face, CBARD, Divination, Trace Decay, Fret, Frequencies, Praxis, Quoit, Weakener ...
Nick Bullen : Vocals, Bass Scorn, Final, Germ, Umbilical Limbo, Black Galaxy, Photon Hex, Migrant, Alenist
Lee Dorrian : Vocals Cathedral
Jesse Pintado : Guitar Ex-Terrorizer, Lock Up, Brujeria, décédé le 27 août 2006
Jim Whitley : Bass Drop Dead
P. Nuts : Bass
Phil Vane : Vocals Extreme Noise Terror
Franck Healey : Guitar Cerebral Fix, Benediction
Justin Broadrick : Guitar Godflesh, Jesu, Final, Head Of David, Techno Animal, God, Ice, Curse Of The Golden Vampire
Robbo : Guitar, Bass
Finbarr Quinn : Bass
Darryl Fideski : Guitar
Bill Steer : Guitar Firebird, Carcass
Miles Ratledge (aka Rat) : Drums Aberration, Witch Hunt


Scum (LP - )mp3LyricsReviews
From Enslavement to Obliteration (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
Harmony Corruption (CD - )mp3LyricsReviews
Utopia Banished (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
Fear, Emptiness, Despair (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
Diatribes (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
Inside the Torn Apart (CD - ) LyricsReviews
Words from the Exit Wound (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
Enemy of the Music Business (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
Order of the Leech (CD - ) Lyrics 
Leaders Not Followers - Part 2 (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
The Code Is Red... Long Live the Code (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
Smear Campaign (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
Time Waits for No Slave (CD - )mp3LyricsReviews
Utilitarian (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
Apex Predator - Easy Meat (CD - ) Lyrics 


  • Napalm Death - Smash a Single Digit

  • Napalm Death - Live in New York, Knockdown Center 2014

  • Napalm Death - Nazi Punks Fuck Off

  • Napalm Death - Intro / Silence Is Deafening (Live in Belgrade, 23/02/2014)

  • Napalm Death - Live at Roadburn 2014

  • NAPALM DEATH Lezard'os metal fest, Matignicourt (FR), 10 mai 2014

  • Napalm Death - Suffer the Children (Live at Le Moulin, Marseille, France, 17/02/2014)

  • Napalm Death - Mass Appeal Madness

  • Napalm Death - Plague Rages

  • Napalm Death - Greed Killing

  • Napalm Death - Analysis Paralysis

  • Napalm Death - Nom de guerre, Raismes Fest, 08 septembre 2012

  • Napalm Death - Unchallenged Hate, Raismes Fest, 08 septembre 2012

  • NAPALM DEATH Instinct of survival, Raismes Fest, 08 septembre 2012

  • NAPALM DEATH You suffer, Raismes Fest, 08 septembre 2012

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