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logo Montrose

Band's list Hard Rock Montrose
    Also known as : Ronnie Montrose


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    USA (San Francisco, California)
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    67 Fans
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Last line-up

Others bands/comments
Chuck Wright
: Bass
Keith St. John
: Vocals
[2002], Burning Rain
Ronnie (aka Ronald Douglas) Montrose
: Guitar, Back Vocals
died 03/03/2012 (self-inflicted gunshot wound), founder member, Gamma, ex-The Edgar Winter Group, ex-Sawbuck
Pat Torpey
: Drums
[2002], Impellitteri, Mr. Big, Velocity

Past members

Others bands/comments
Sammy (aka Samuel Roy) Hagar : Vocals [1972-1974], founder member, Skinny, The Fabulous Catillas, Justice Brothers, Dust Cloud, HSAS, Van Halen, Chickenfoot
Randy Joe Hobbs : Bass [1975-1976]
Johnny Edwards : Vocals [1987], Foreigner, Wild Horses, ex-Buster Brown
James Kottak : Drums [1987], Kingdom Come, Kottak, Krunk, McAuley Schenker Group, Scorpions, War and Peace, Warrant, Wild Horses, ex-Buster Brown
Jim Alcivar : Keyboard [1974-1976], Gamma
Glen Letsch : Bass [1987], Gamma
Denny Carmassi : Drums [1972-1976], founder member, Gamma, Heart
Bill Church : Bass [1972-1973], founder member, ex-Sawbuck
Alan Fitzgerald : Bass, Keyboard [1973-1975], Alliance, Gamma, Night Ranger
Bob James : Vocals [1974-1976]
Davey Pattison : Vocals [1979]
Tony Williams : Drums [1978-1979]
Skip Gillette : Drums [1979]


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  • Montrose - Rock Candy

  • Montrose - Make It Last

  • Montrose - Good Rockin' Tonight (1975)

  • Montrose - Bad Motor Scooter

  • Montrose - Rock the Nation (2005) (ft. Sammy Hagar)

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