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Band's list Heavy Metal Mercyful Fate


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Current line-up

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Kim Bendix Petersen (aka King Diamond)
: Vocals
[1981-1985] [since 1993], King Diamond, ex-Black Rose, ex-Brainstorm, ex-Brats, ex-Danger Zone
Bjarne T. Holm
: Drums
[since 1994], Force Of Evil, ex-Fate, ex-Gutrix, ex-Shermann Soldiers, ex-Zauce, ex-Zoser Mez
Charles Petter Andreason (aka Sharlee D'Angelo)
: Bass
[since 1994], Arch Enemy, Spiritual Beggars, The Night Flight Orchestra, Witchery (SWE), ex-Dismember (SWE), ex-Illwill, ex-Hemisfear, ex-King Diamond
Hank Shermann
: Guitar
[1981-1985] [since 1993], Demonica, Force Of Evil, ex-Brats, ex-Danger Zone, ex-Fate, ex-Gutrix, ex-Raxx Load, ex-Shermann Soldiers, ex-Zoser Mez
Mike Wead
: Guitar
[since 1996], Firegod, Hexenhaus, King Diamond, Kryptillusion, ex-Abstrakt Algebra, ex-Hemisfear, Maninnya Blade, ex-Memento Mori, ex-Witch (SWE)

Past members

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Tommie Helgesson (aka Snowy Shaw) : Drums [1993-1994], Mad Architect, Notre Dame, ex-Cans, ex-Dream Evil, ex-Illwill, ex-King Diamond, ex-Memento Mori, ex-Nightrage, ex-Therion (SWE)
Morten Nielsen : Drums [1993], ex-Apocalypse, ex-Crime Academy, ex-Furious Trauma, ex-Red Warszawa, ex-Shermann Soldiers, ex-Zoser Mez
Kim Ruzz : Drums [1981-1985]
Lars Ulrich : Drums [1993], session member, Metallica
Johnny Marshall : Keyboard [1993], session member
Carsten Van der Volsing : Guitar [1981]
Michael Denner : Guitar [1981] [1982-1985] [1993-1996] [2009], Force Of Evil, ex-Brats, ex-Danger Zone, ex-Jezebel, ex-King Diamond, ex-Lavina, ex-Zoser Mez
Nick "Old" Smith : Drums [1981], ex-Danger Zone
Timi "Grabber" Hansen : Bass [1981-1985] [1993-1994] [2009], ex-Danger Zone, ex-King Diamond, ex-Lavina
Jan Lindblad : Drums [1981]
Benny Petersen : Guitar [1981], ex-Jackal


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  • Mercyful Fate - Egypt

  • Mercyful Fate - The Bell Witch

  • Mercyful Fate - The Night

  • Mercyful Fate - Witches' Dance

  • Mercyful Fate - The Uninvited Guest

  • Mercyful Fate - Is That You, Melissa ?

  • Mercyful Fate - The Oath

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