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Band's list Heavy Metal Manowar


Status Formed In


    USA (New York, New York)
Popularity   Fans
    2266 Fans
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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Karl Logan (aka Arc Angel)
: Guitar, Keyboard
[since 1994], ex-Fallen Angel
Eric Adams
: Vocals
[since 1980]
Joey DeMaio
: Bass, Keyboard
[since 1980], founder member, ex-Dave Feinstein
Donny Hamzik
: Drums
[1981-1983] [since 2009]

Past members

Others bands/comments
David Shankle : Guitar [1989-1993], VooDoo Gods, DSG
Carl Canedy : Drums [1980-1981], The Rods, ex-Thrasher (USA), ex-Jack Starr, ex-Dave Feinstein
Ross Friedman (aka Ross The Boss) : Guitar [1980-1988], Ross The Boss, Shakin' Street, Brain Surgeons, Dictators, ex-Manitoba's Wild Kingdom, Death Dealer
Scott Columbus : Drums [1982-1990] [1994-2008], died 04/04/2011
Kenny Earl Edwards (aka Rhino) : Drums [1992-1994] [2008], Death Dealer (USA), Stonecast, HolyHell, Angels Of Babylon, Forgotten Realm (USA), Shadow Symphony, ex-Fast Taker


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