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logo Lizzy Borden

Band's list Heavy Metal Lizzy Borden


Status Formed In


    USA (Los Angeles, California)
Popularity   Fans
    207 Fans
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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Dario Lorina
: Guitar
A.C. Alexander
: Guitar
Marten Andersson
: Bass
[1992-2004] [since 2006], Lynch Mob, Starwood, Legacy (USA)
Joey Scott Harges
: Drums
[1983-1989] [since 2006], Diamond Dogs (USA), Starwood
Gregory Harges (aka Lizzy Borden)
: Vocals
Diamond Dogs (USA), Starwood

Past members

Others bands/comments
Ira Black : Guitar Bralalalala, Vicious Rumors, Doom Society, Chris Caffery, ex-Pornucopia, ex-Heathen
Corey Daum : Guitar died 24/01/2009 (car crash)
Joe Steals : Guitar [2003-2004] Diamond Dogs (USA), Starwood
Steve Hochheiser : Bass Détente, ex-Catalepsy (USA)
Tony Matuzak : Guitar [1983-1986]
Gene Allen : Guitar [1983-1988]
David Michael Philips : Guitar Schoolboys, King Kobra, Geronimo!, Liquid Black, Big Cock, Tomcats, ex-Icon (USA), ex-Keel
Alex Nelson : Guitar [1986-1989], died 17/05/2004 (car crash)
Mike Davis : Bass [1983-1989], Halford, ex-Angel Rot, ex-Ozzy Osbourne, Death Dealer
Joe Holmes : Guitar ex-Ozzy Osbourne
Ronnie Jude : Guitar


Demo '83 (Cassette - )   
Love You to Pieces (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
The Murderess Metal Road Show (Live - )mp3Lyrics 
Menace to Society (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
Visual Lies (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
Master of Disguise (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
Best of Lizzy Borden (Compilation - )mp3  
Deal with the Devil (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
Appointment with Death (CD - )mp3Lyrics 


  • Lizzy Borden - Full Show at Hellfest, 16/06/2012

  • Lizzy Borden - Long Live Rock 'n Roll (Rainbow Cover)

  • Lizzy Borden - Under your Skin

  • Lizzy Borden - We Got the Power

  • Lizzy Borden - Voyeur

  • Lizzy Borden - Me Against the World

  • Lizzy Borden - Abnormal

  • Lizzy Borden - Tomorrow Never Comes

  • Lizzy Borden - Master of Disguise (DVD Trailer)

  • Lizzy Borden - Live and Let Die

  • Lizzy Borden - No Time to Lose

  • Lizzy Borden - Save Me

  • Lizzy Borden - Godiva

  • Lizzy Borden - Postcard from the Sweden Rock Festival

  • Lizzy Borden - Untitled

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