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logo Labyrinth (ITA)

Band's list Melodic Power Labyrinth (ITA)


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    157 Fans
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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Carlo Andrea Magnani (aka Olaf Thorsen)
: Guitar
[1991-2002] [since 2009], ex-Eddy Antonini
Oleg Smirnoff
: Keyboard
[since 2016], ex-Anger, ex-Death SS, ex-Eldritch, ex-L'Impero Delle Ombre, ex-Shining Fury, ex-Vision Divine
Andrea Cantarelli (aka Anders Rain)
: Guitar
[since 1994]
John Macaluso
: Drums
[since 2016]
Nik Mazzucconi
: Bass
[since 2016], Edge Of Forever, ex-Aleph
Roberto Tiranti (aka Rob Tyrant)
: Vocals
[since 1997], Vanexa

Past members

Others bands/comments
Adolfo "Morby" Morbiducci : Vocals [1998-1999], Domine, Sabotage (ITA), ex-Arthur Falcone, ex-Dark Lord, ex-Time Machine, ex-Airspeed
Fabio "Lione" Tordiglione (aka Joe Terry) : Vocals [1991-1996], Vision Divine, Rhapsody Of Fire, ex-Athena (ITA)
Ken Taylor : Keyboard [1991-1996]
Mattia "Mat" Stancioiu : Drums [1997-2009], Magnifiqat, ex-Cydonia (ITA), ex-Mandragora Scream, ex-Vision Divine, ex-Pandaemonium (ITA), ex-Alice In Darkland, ex-Arkenemy
Pierangelo "Pier" Gonella : Guitar [2003-2009], Necrodeath, Mastercastle, ex-Odyssea, ex-Athlantis
Andrea de Paoli (aka Andrew McPauls) : Keyboard [1997-2016], Expedition Delta, ex-Shadows Of Steel, ex-Vision Divine
Cristiano Bertocchi (aka Chris Breeze) : Bass [1995-2006], Vision Divine
Andrea Bartoletti : Bass [1991-1994], ex-Earthmover, ex-Shining Fury
Franco Rubulotta (aka Frank Andiver) : Drums [1991-1996], Anger (ITA), Shadows Of Steel, Wonderland (ITA)


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  • Labyrinth - Take on My Legacy

  • Labyrinth - Bullets

  • Labyrinth - Someone Says

  • Labyrinth - A New Dream (Audio)

  • Labyrinth - Lady Lost in Time

  • Labyrinth - In the Shade

  • Labyrinth - The Sailors of Time

  • Labyrinth - Highway Star (Deep Purple Cover )

  • Labyrinth - Hand in Hand (Making of prt2)

  • Labyrinth - Moonlight (Making of prt1)

  • Labyrinth - Terror

  • Labyrinth - Lost

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