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logo House Of Lords

Band's list Hard FM House Of Lords


Status Formed In


    USA (Los Angeles, California)
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    128 Fans
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Current line-up

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B.J. Zampa
: Drums
Jimi Bell
: Guitar
James Christian
: Vocals
Chris McCarville
: Bass
[2006-2008] [since 2009]

Past members

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Jeff Kent : Bass
Tommy Aldridge : Drums
Chuck Wright : Bass ex-Giuffria, ex-Quiet Riot
Sean McNabb : Bass, Back Vocals [1992], ex-Quiet Riot
Jeff Kent : Bass, Back Vocals
Michael Guy : Guitar, Back Vocals [1990]
Gregg Giuffria : Keyboard ex-Giuffria, ex-Angel
Lanny Cordola : Guitar ex-Fifth Angel
Chick : Guitar, Back Vocals [1992]
Ken Mary : Drums ex-Alice Cooper


House of Lords (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
Sahara (CD - )mp3  
Demons Down (CD - ) Lyrics 
The Lost Tapes (CD - )   
The Power and the Myth (CD - )mp3  
World Upside Down (CD - )mp3  
Come to My Kingdom (CD - )mp3  
Cartesian Dreams (CD - )mp3  
Big Money (CD - )mp3  
Precious Metal (CD - )   
Indestructible (CD - )   


  • House Of Lords - Go to Hell

  • House Of Lords - Precious Metal

  • House Of Lords - Battle

  • House Of Lords - Someday When

  • House Of Lords - Big Money EPK

  • House Of Lords - I Wanna Be Loved

  • House of Lords - In a Perfect World (Live in Rio, Brazil, 26/04/2008)

  • House Of Lords - Untitle (Live in Madrid, Spain, 28/02/2007)

  • House Of Lords - Untitle (Live at Lorca Rock Festival, Spain, 2006)

  • House Of Lords - These Are the Times (Live at Crewe Limelight Music Club, England, 07/08/2006)

  • House Of Lords - I Wanna Be Loved (Live in Budapest, Hungary, 02/04/2008)

  • House Of Lords - Pleasure Palace (Live at Obermarchtal, Kreuz, Germany, 2008)

  • House Of Lords - Edge of Your Life (Live at Crewe Limelight Music Club, England, 07/08/2006)

  • House Of Lords - Bailey Brothers (Live in the United Kingdom)

  • House Of Lords - Whats Forever For

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