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logo Glenn Hughes

Band's list Hard Rock Glenn Hughes


Status Formed In


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    65 Fans
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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Mark Kilian
: Keyboard
Chad Smith
: Drums
Red Hot Chili Pepper
Glenn Hughes
: Vocals, Bass
Black Country Communion
J.J. Marsh
: Guitar

Past members

Others bands/comments
Joe Travers : Drums Dweezil Zappa
Edward Harris Roth : Keyboard Fates Warning, Impelliteri
Marc Bonilla : Guitar, Keyboard
Mic Michaeli : Back Vocals, Keyboard
Chad Smith : Drums
John Leven : Bass Europe
Pat Thrall : Guitar ex-Pat Travers Band
Gary Ferguson : Drums
Ed Roth : Keyboard
Thomas Larsson : Guitar, Back Vocals
George Nastos : Guitar
Tony Franklin : Bass Blue Murder, Lana Lane, Derek Sherinian
Alex Ligertwood : Back Vocals Santana
Ian Haugland : Drums Europe, Brazen Abbot
Hans Zermüehlen : Keyboard
Jeff Kollman : Guitar Cosmosquad
Stevie Salas : Guitar Nicklebag


Play Me Out (CD - )mp3  
Hughes & Thrall (CD - )mp3  
Blues (CD - )mp3  
From Now on... (CD - )mp3  
Feel (CD - )mp3  
Addiction (CD - )mp3  
The Way It Is (CD - )mp3  
From the Archives Vol.1 - Incense and Peaches (CD - )   
A Soulful Christmas (CD - )mp3  
Return of Crystal Karma (CD - )   
Building the Machine (CD - )mp3  
Songs in the Key of Rock (CD - )mp3  
Soul Mover (CD - )mp3  
Fused (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
Music for the Divine (CD - )mp3  
Live at the Basement (CD - )   
First Underground Nuclear Kitchen (CD - )mp3  


  • Glenn Hughes - Save Me Tonight (I'll Be Waiting)

  • Glenn Hughes - Why Don't You Stay ?

  • Glenn Hughes - Soul Mover

  • Glenn Hughes - You Fool No One (Live in Uppsala Sweden, 1996)

  • Glenn Hughes - Mistreated (Live in the City of Angels, 2004)

  • Glenn Hughes - Burn (Live in Copenhagen, Denmark, 1994)

  • Glenn Hughes - A Right to Live (Live)

  • Glenn Hughes - From Now on... (Acoustic Live)

  • Glenn Hughes - Voice/Solo (Live at Motorock, Cremona, 2007)

  • Glenn Hughes - Untitled (Live at The Voice of Rock, Russia, 2004)

  • Glenn Hughes - Mistreated (Live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2007)

  • Glenn Hughes - Medusa (Live in the City of Angels, 2004)

  • Glenn Hughes - Don't Let Me Bleed (Live, 02/06/2007)

  • Glenn Hughes - Untitled (Live at Stazione Birra, Roma, Italy, 2007)

  • Glenn Hughes - The Divine

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