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logo Gary Hoey

Band's list Guitar Hero Gary Hoey


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    12 Fans
  • photo of Gary Hoey
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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Matt Scurfield
: Drums
Erik Kondziolka
: Bass
Gary Hoey
: Vocals, Guitar
ex-Heavy Bones

Past members

Others bands/comments
Gregg Bissonette : Drums
Ray Riendeau : Bass
Glen Soble : Drums
Claude Schnell : Keyboard
Mark Levang : Keyboard
Dick Dale : Guitar
Nick South : Bass
Pancho Sanchez : Percussions
Lori Weinhouse : Keyboard
Jamie Kaplan : Vocals
Bud Shank : Saxophone
Frankie Banali : Drums ex-Quiet Riot, ex-WASP, ex-Heavy Bones
Tony Franklin : Bass ex-Blue Murder
Brian Setzer : Vocals, Guitar, Back Vocals ex-Stray Cats
Romon Banda : Percussions


Animal Instinct (CD - )mp3  
The Endless Summer II (CD - )mp3  
Gary Hoey, Gary Hoey (CD - )mp3  
Ho - Ho Hoey (CD - )mp3  
Bug Alley (CD - )mp3  
Ho ! Ho ! Hoey : the Complete Collection (CD - )mp3  
Ho ! Ho ! Hoey II (CD - )mp3  
Ho ! Ho ! Hoey III (CD - )mp3  
Money (CD - )mp3  
Wake Up Call (CD - )mp3  
The Best of Gary Hoey (CD - )mp3  
Monster Surf (CD - )mp3  
American Made (CD - )mp3  


  • Gary Hoey - Truth (Live in Ocean City)

  • Gary Hoey - Ho! Ho! Hoey

  • Gary Hoey - Little Wing (In Studio with Drew and Mike)

  • Gary Hoey - Carol of the Bells (In Studio with Drew and Mike)

  • Gary Hoey - Lowrider (Live at Threadgill's Austin/Texas)

  • Gary Hoey - You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch (In Studio with Drew and Mike)

  • Gary Hoey - Hocus Pocus (Live at Dallas Guitar Show 2007)

  • Gary Hoey and Doug Morrison - Red House (Live at Austin Texas 17.04.2008)

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