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logo From First To Last

Band's list Post Hardcore From First To Last
    Also known as : FFTL, ex-First To Last


Status Formed In


    USA (Los Angeles, California)
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    295 Fans
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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Matt Good
: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard
[1999-2010] [since 2013], Kit Fysto, ex-Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows, ex-The Color Of Violence
Spencer Sotelo
: Vocals
[since 2014], Periphery
Travis Richter
: Guitar, Back Vocals
[2002-2010] [since 2013], The Color Of Violence, The Human Abstract
Matt Manning
: Bass, Back Vocals
[2007-2010] [since 2013], Eye In The Sky
Taylor Larson
: Guitar
[since 2014]
Ernie Slenkovich
: Drums, Percussions
[since 2014]

Past members

Others bands/comments
Greg Taylor : Drums [2002]
Sonny Moore : Vocals [2004-2007], Gypsyhook, Skrillex
Matthew Fleischman : Bass [2006]
Craig Owens : Vocals [2006], live member, Chiodos, ex-Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows, ex-Cinematic Sunrise, ex-Isles And Glaciers
Derek Bloom : Drums, Back Vocals [2002-2010] [2013-2014], The Color Of Violence
Jake Frazier : Bass [2009], live member
Rick Patterson : Guitar [2003-2004], live member
Wes Borland : Bass [2005-2006], live member, Black Light Burns, Limp Bizkit, ex-Big Dumb Face
Joey Antillion : Bass [2002-2003]
Chris Lent : Keyboard [2008-2009], ex-I Set My Friends On Fire
Jon Weisberg : Bass [2003-2005], City Archaic
Blake Steiner : Guitar, Back Vocals [2009-2010], Eye In The Sky
Alicia Simmons-Way : Bass [2005], live member
Phillip Reardon : Vocals [2002-2003]


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From First To Last - Worlds Away

From First To Last - Ride the Wind of Pestilence

From First To Last - Such a Tragedy

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