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logo Fistula (USA-1)

Band's list Doom Metal Fistula (USA-1)


Status Formed In


    USA (Cleveland, Ohio)
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    13 Fans
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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Corey Bing
: Guitar
Bibilic Blood, Rue, Ultralord , King Travolta, King Fire Goat, Son of Jor-El, Accept Death, Sollubi, Scumchrist, Sloth (USA)
Sean Linehan
: Bass
ex-Adolf Satan
Jason Corley
: Drums
founder member, Accept Death, Ancient Sickness, Hemdale, Morbid Wizard, Scumchrist, The Disease Concept, King Travolta, Son Of Jor-El
Dan Harrington
: Vocals
[since 2012]

Past members

Others bands/comments
Keith Double : Drums
Nate Linehan : Drums ex-Anal Cunt
Jason Corley : Drums 16, Maxmillion, King Travolta, Scumchrist, Trenchant
Jeremy Wilson : Drums ex-King Fire Goat
Bahb Branca : Vocals King Travolta, King Fire Goat, Son Of Jor-El, Rue, Sloth (USA)
Aaron Brittain : Drums Rue
Mike Burns : Bass live member, Rue, ex-Nailblack, ex-Sofa King Killer
Sean Norris : Guitar
Steve Barcus : Vocals ex-King Fire Goat, ex-Necrodamus
Scott Stearns : Guitar Madman Mundt, Diehard, Wizardfool, King Travolta,Son of Jor-El, Accept Death, Sollubi, Ultralord
Matt Rositano : Guitar Hemdale, Accept Death, Hangnail, Choke (USA), King Travolta, Scumchrist, Muzzleloader
Dan Bays : Guitar
Mike Duncan : Bass Black Mayonnaise, King Fire Goat
Steve Makita : Vocals, Keyboard Lockweld, Apartment 213, Agoraphobic Nosebleed
Jesse Kling : Keyboard


Sofa King Killer - Fistula (Split - )   
Hymns of Slumber (Album - )   
Because Sometimes Two Are Better Than One (Split - )   
Crushers Killers Destroyers! (Split - )   
Fistula - Sloth (Split - )   
Idiopathic (Album - )   
Dot(.) - Fistula (Split - )   
Burmese - Fistula (Split - )mp3  
Inverted Black Star (Album - )   
Lessons in Lamentation (Album - )   
Fistula - Modorra (Split - )   
Burdened by Your Existence (Album - )   
Fistula - SMG (Split - )   
Fistula - Ointment (Split - )   
Goat Remixes - Year of the Fork (Cassette - )   
Fistula - Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium (Split - )   
Fistula - Monkey Priest (Split - )   
Coffinworm - Fistula (Split - )mp3Lyrics 
Northern Aggression (MCD - )mp3  
Longing for Infection (Album - )   


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