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logo Every Time I Die

Band's list Noise Hardcore Every Time I Die
    Also known as : ETID


Status Formed In


    USA (Buffalo, New York)
Popularity   Fans
    132 Fans
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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Andrew Williams
: Guitar
[since 1998]
Jordan Buckley
: Guitar
[since 1998], founder member
Keith Buckley
: Vocals
[since 1998], founder member, The Damned Things
Ryan "Legs" Leger
: Drums
[since 2009], ex-Dead And Divine
Stephen Micciche
: Bass
[2001-2005] [since 2011], Kid Gorgeous

Past members

Others bands/comments
Michael "Ratboy" Novak Jr : Drums [1999-2009]
Josh Newton : Bass [2007-2011], The Damned Things
Chris Byrnes : Bass [2006]
Sean Hughes : Drums [1998]
John McCarthy : Bass [1998-1999], ex-Kid Gorgeous
Aaron Ratajczak : Bass [1999-2001], Kid Gorgeous
Kevin Falk : Bass [2005-2006]


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  • Every Time I Die - Decayin with the Boys

  • Every Time I Die - Thirst

  • Every Time I Die - I Suck (Blood)

  • Every Time I Die - Revival Mode

  • Every Time I Die - Underwater Bimbos from Outer Space

  • Every Time I Die - Wanderlust (Live on Fuel TV's the Daily Habit)

  • Every Time I Die - I Been Gone a Long Time

  • Every Time I Die - Ebolarama

  • Every Time I Die - Kill the Music

  • Every Time I Die - Apocalypse Now (Live at The Stone Pony, 11/03/2006)

  • Every Time I Die - Untitled (Live at Dirt Fest, Birch Run, Michigan, USA, 19/08/2006)

  • Every Time I Die - Warped Tour 2006 (Interview)

  • Every Time I Die - Untitled (Live at Warped 2006)

  • Every Time I Die - Romeo a Go-Go (Live at Ground Zero, 17/03/2006)

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