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logo English Dogs

Band's list Crossover English Dogs


Status Formed In


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    26 Fans
  • photo of English Dogs
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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Nick Wynch
: Guitar
Michael Tatler
: Bass
Jay Tatler
: Drums
Peter "Wakey" Wakefield
: Vocals

Past members

Others bands/comments
Troy : Vocals
Stuart West : Bass The Damned
Shop Nandi : Bass ex-Janus Stark
Stuart Meadows : Drums
Greg : Guitar
Spike Smith : Drums
Andrew "Pinch" Pinching : Drums ex-Janus Stark, The Damned
Tracey Abbott : Guitar
Graham "Gizz" Butt : Vocals, Guitar ex-Destructors, ex-War Dance, ex-Janus Stark, ex-The Prodigy, ex-Police Bastard, The More I See, Sabbat, Dooms Day
Jamie : Guitar
Adie Bailey : Vocals
Stu-Pid : Vocals ex-Contempt, Polce Bastard, Sensa Yuma
Jon Murray : Guitar
Mark "Wattie" Watson : Bass


Demo '82 (Démo - )   
Manchester 4.12.83 (Cassette - )   
1983 Practice (Album - )   
Invasion of the Porky Men (Album - )   
Forward into Battle (Album - )mp3  
Where Legend Began (Album - )mp3  
Bow to None (Album - )   
All the World's a Rage (Album - )   
This Is Not a War? (Compilation - )mp3  
I've Got a Gun! (Live - )mp3  
Tales from the Asylum (Album - ) Lyrics 
The Dog Sick EP (Split - )   
Clockwork Boys - English Dogs (Split - )   
The Dog Bastard CD (Split - )   
The Metal Years (Album - )   
The Thing with Two Heads (Album - )mp3  


  • English Dogs - Turn Away from the Light

  • English Dogs - Forward Into Battle (Live at Olympic Auditorium, L.A., California, USA, 09/05/1986)

  • English Dogs - Left Me for Dead (Live in Norway, 1994)

  • English Dogs - Psycho Killer (Live at Rebellion, 2008)

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