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Band's list Folk Metal Earthen


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    USA (Chicago, Illinois)
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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Mike LeGros
: Guitar
Hells' Corpse, Eyegouger, Metallian (USA), ex-Novembers Doom, ex-Nachtmystium, ex-The Narthex
Mio Gabrilo
: Vocals
Tom Naples
: Drums
Drake Mefestta
: Keyboard
Steve Howe
: Bass
Mark Piotrowski
: Guitar

Past members

Others bands/comments
Julian : Bass live member
Angela Partin : Drums
Meg : Violin
Evan Berry : Keyboard Waves Of Amphitrite
Dan "Tyrantor" Lawson : Vocals ex-Usurper (USA), ex-Cumchrist, ex-Dead Of Winter (USA)
Rick Hernandez : Drums Dead For Days, ex-Euphoric Evisceration
Paul Kuhr III : Vocals Novembers Doom, These Are They, Subterranean Masquerade, ex-Laceration (USA)
Dominik : Guitar live member
Holly : Vocals
Tom Tangalos : Guitar ex-Disinter (USA), ex-Worms Inside, ex-Mortdant, ex-Gorgasm (USA), ex-Ad Infinitum (USA), ex-Embodied (USA)
Bryan Wysopal : Guitar, Keyboard Waves Of Amphitrite
Scott Huffman : Vocals Mindwarp Chamber, Metallian (USA), ex-Lords Of Meat, ex-Heavy Ledden, ex-Spirit Web, ex-Twelfth Gate, ex-Syris
Giampaul Andrianopoulos : Vocals, ?-2013
Danyell : Vocals
Mary Zimmer : Vocals Luna Mortis
Dionisio Ramirez : Bass Disinter, ex-DOTAC
Wiley Wells : Guitar These Are They, ex-While Heaven Wept, ex-Withersoul
Chris Djuricic : Guitar Novembers Doom, ex-Hurtlocker, ex-Jungle Rot
Dave Piekarz (aka General Diabolical Slaughter) : Vocals ex-The Dead Youth, ex-Usurper (USA)
Sofia : Flute


And All Was Lost (Démo - )   
Indian Summer (Démo - )   
From Legend to Myth (Démo - )   
The Ashes of Transition (Album - )   
The System of the Seasons (Démo - )   
The System of the Seasons (EP) (EP - )   
The Renewal of the Cycles (EP - )   
The Fate That Binds Us All (Album - )   


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