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    Sorry, this band is not registered anymore or, its name changed, please use the search engine to find it
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    Die Atlantic (Metalcore-Canada) - Other name : DA, Die Atlantic!
    Die Form (Gothic Electro-France) - Other name : DF
    XSAD (Death Metal-Germany) - Other name : ex-Die Hard, ex-Cassiopeia
    Die Kur (Industrial Metal-United-Kingdom)
    Die Pest (Black Metal-Germany) - Other name : Schwarze Wut
    Schweisser (Alternative Metal-Germany) - Other name : Die Schweisser
    Die Sektor (Industrial Electro-USA) - Other name : ex-Serenity Division, ex-Atrocita
    Die (GER) (Industrial Metal-Germany) - Other name : [Die!], Die!
    Die Die Color (Electro Metal-Japan) - Other name : Die!!Die!!Color!!!
    Died (Death Metal-Malaysia)
    DieDjinn (Alternativ Death-France) - Other name : ex-Ouroboros
    Open Mind (Heavy Metal-Argentina) - Other name : Diego Cazau's Open Mind
    DGM (Progressive Metal-Italy) - Other name : Diego Gianfranco Maurizio
    Era Hex (Industrial Death-Germany) - Other name : ex-Diehard
    Dies Irae (JAP) (Visual Kei-Japan) - Other name : DI3SIRAE, ex-Velvet Nightmare
    Diesel (Industrial Death-USA)
    Diesense (Melodic Power-Finland) - Other name : ex-Dreamfall
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