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Band's list Deathcore Despised Icon
    Also known as : DI


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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Yannick Saint-Amand
: Guitar
[2002-2006] [since 2014], ex-Nihilistic Mass Refracters
Benoit "Ben" Landreville
: Guitar
[2009-2010] [since 2014], ex-As A River, ex-Camilla Rhodes, ex-Orphans In Coma, ex-Withdraw, ex-The Plasmarifle
Éric Jarrin
: Guitar
[2002-2010] [since 2014], Heaven's Cry, ex-Necrotic Mutation
Alex Grind (aka Alexandre Pelletier)
: Drums
[2003-2010] [since 2014], ex-Deuterium, ex-Vengeful
Sebastien Piché
: Bass
[2002-2008] [since 2014], ex-Apostasy (CAN)
Alexandre Erian
: Vocals
[2002-2010] [since 2014], Obey The Brave, ex-The Crimson Syndicate, ex-Neuraxis, ex-Ion Dissonance, ex-Hidden Pride, ex-In Dying Days
Steve Marois
: Vocals
[2002-2010] [since 2014], ex-The Crimson Syndicate

Past members

Others bands/comments
Alan Glassman : Guitar [2006-2008], Job For A Cowboy, ex-Goratory, ex-Twisted Sacrifice, ex-Burn In Silence
Marie-Hélène Landry : Vocals [2002-2003], ex-Borborygme, ex-Vociferation
Max Lavelle : Bass [2008-2010], The Black Dahlia Murder, ex-Compost Pile, ex-Goratory, ex-Twisted Sacrifice, ex-Trauma Concept, ex-Burn In Silence, ex-Lecherous


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  • Despised Icon - Bad Vibes

  • Despised Icon - Beast

  • Despised Icon - The Aftermath

  • Despised Icon - Day of Mourning

  • Despised Icon - Les Temps Changent (Live at Envol et Macadam, Québec, Canada, 12/09/2009)

  • Despised Icon - MVP (Live at Trois-Rivieres, Metalfest 2010)

  • Despised Icon - Furtive Monologue

  • Despised Icon - Day of Mourning (Album Trailer)

  • Despised Icon - In the Arms of Perdition

  • Despised Icon - A Fractured Hand (Official DVD Video)

  • Despised Icon - Compelled to Copulate (Live at Club Soda, Montreal, Canada, 2008)

  • Despised Icon - Furtive Monologue (Live DVD)

  • Despised Icon - The Sunset Will Never Charm Us (Live at Club Soda, Montreal, Canada, 2008)

  • Despised Icon - The Ills of Modern Man (Live at Club Soda, Montreal, Canada, 2008)

  • Despised Icon - Sheltered Reminiscence (Live 2009)

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