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logo Darkest Hour

Band's list Metalcore Darkest Hour
    Also known as : DH


Status Formed In


    USA (Washington, District of Columbia)
Popularity   Fans
    668 Fans
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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Travis Orbin
: Drums
[since 2013], ex-Periphery, ex-Sky Eats Airplane
Mike Schleibaum
: Guitar
[since 1995], Beasts Of No Nation, Man And Wasp, Nitro Tokyo, ex-Astoria, ex-Indivision, ex-My Best Mistake, ex-The Bradshaw Express, ex-WD-40
John Henry
: Vocals
[since 1995], ex-Cropduster, ex-My Best Mistake
Michael Carrigan
: Guitar
[since 2008], ex-At All Cost
Aaron Deal
: Bass
[since 2011], Nitro Tokyo, ex-Salome

Past members

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Billups Allen : Bass [1999-2001], ex-The Basement Apartments, ex-Corn On Macabre, ex-Shoutbus, ex-The Creamys
Kris Norris : Guitar [2002-2008], A Cancerous Affair, Variant Qualities, ex-Straight Line Stitch, ex-The Godless Symphony, ex-The Kris Norris Project, ex-Threat Signal
Ryan Parrish : Drums [1999-2011], A Cancerous Affair, Ghastly City Sleep, Iron Reagan, ex-City of Caterpillar, ex-Disinternment, ex-New Millenium's End, ex-Smoke or Fire
Raul Mayorga : Bass [1995-1999]
Tommy Gunn : Guitar [2001], live member, Savage Attack, ex-Disinterment, ex-Immortal Avenger, ex-Narsilion, ex-The Kris Norris Projekt
Kevin Lamiell : Bass [2004], live member, Haram, ex-Majority Rule, ex-Trial By Fire
Matt Maben : Drums [1995-1999], Bet The Devil, ex-Days Lost, ex-Fighting Chance, ex-First Offense, ex-Harsh Truth, ex-Hell To Pay, ex-Out Cold, ex-Soaphammer
Paul Burnette : Bass [2001-2011], Iron Reagan, ex-Crack Head, ex-Hot New Dance Hits
Mike Garrity : Guitar [2002], live member, Nitro Tokyo
Tim Java : Drums [2011-2013], live member, ex-With Dead Hands Rising
Fred Ziomek : Guitar [1999-2002], ex-Knife Fight


Demo '96 (Demo - )  
Darkest Hour - Groundzero (Split - )   
The Mark of the Judas (Album - )  
So Sedated, So Secure (Album - )  
Where Heroes Go to Die (Split - )   
Darkest Hour + A Perfect Murder (Split - )   
Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation (Album - )  
Darkest Hour + Set My Path Split (Split - )   
Undoing Ruin (Album - )  
Archives (Compilation - )   
Deliver Us (Album - )  
The Eternal Return (Album - )  
The Human Romance (Album - )  
Self Titled (Album - )  
Godless Prophets & the Migrant Flora (Album - )   


  • Darkest Hour - Demon(s)

  • Darkest Hour - With a Thousand Words to Say But One

  • Darkest Hour - Convalescence

  • Darkest Hour - The Sadist Nation

  • Darkest Hour - Oklahoma

  • Darkest Hour - Sound the Surrender

  • Darkest Hour - Anti-Axis (Lyric)

  • Darkest Hour - The Misery We Make

  • Darkest Hour - By the Starlight (ft. Draemings)

  • Darkest Hour - Severed Into Separates

  • Darkest Hour - Your Everyday Disaster

  • Darkest Hour - Paradise (Live footage in Richmond, Virginia, United States, 2009)

  • Darkest Hour - Doomsayer (Live at the Starlite Room, Edmonton, Canada)

  • Darkest Hour - Demons (Live at Soapbox Laundro Lounge, Wilmington, United States, 21/04/2007)

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