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logo Dance Gavin Dance

Band's list Post Hardcore Dance Gavin Dance
    Also known as : DGD


Status Formed In


    USA (Sacramento, California)
Popularity   Fans
    137 Fans
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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Matt Mingus
: Drums
[since 2005], Secret Band
Will Swan
: Guitar, Back Vocals
[since 2005], Secret Band
Tilian Pearson
: Vocals
[since 2012], ex-Tides of Man
Josh Benton
: Guitar
[since 2012] [touring 2010-2012], ex-No Not Constant
Jonathan Mess
: Vocals
[2005-2008] [since 2010], Secret Band
Tim Feerick
: Bass
[2009-2010] [since 2012]

Past members

Others bands/comments
Eric Lodge : Bass [2005-2008] [2010-2012], Secret Band
Kurt Travis : Vocals [2008-2010], A Lot Like Birds, ex-Five Minute Ride, ex-No Not Constant, ex-O! The Joy
Jason Ellis : Bass [2008-2009]
Alvaro Alcala : Guitar [2005-2008], Twenty Days With Julian, ex-Farewell Unknown
Tony Marks : Bass [2010], live member
Dan Snook : Guitar [2010]
Sean O'Sullivan : Guitar [2006-2007] [2010], ex-Consider The Thief
Jonny Craig : Vocals [2005-2007] [2010-2012], ex-A Skylit Drive, ex-Emarosa, ex-Ghost Runner On Third, ex-Isles And Glaciers, ex-westerHALTS
Zachary Garren : Guitar [2007-2010], ex-Good Health


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Downtown Battle Mountain (CD - )mp3  
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  • Dance Gavin Dance - We Own the Night

  • Dance Gavin Dance - Stroke God, Millionaire

  • Dance Gavin Dance - Strawberry Swisher pt. III

  • Dance Gavin Dance - Death of the Robot with Human Hair

  • Dance Gavin Dance - Heat Seeking Ghost of Sex

  • Dance Gavin Dance - And I Told Them I Invented Times New Roman (Live, 2011)

  • Dance Gavin Dance - Me And Zoloft Get Along Just Fine

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