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logo Burnt By The Sun

Band's list Metalcore Burnt By The Sun
    Also known as : BBTS


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    USA (Edison, New Jersey)
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    31 Fans
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Last line-up

Others bands/comments
Nick Hale
: Guitar
[since 2007], ex-Premonitions Of War
Teddy Patterson III
: Bass
[since 1999], ex-Hayaino Daisuki, ex-Gridlink, ex-Human Remains, ex-War Chalking
Dave Witte
: Drums
[1999-2004], [since 2007], Municipal Waste, Birds Of Prey, ex-Redrum (USA), ex-Discordance Axis, ex-Melt Banana, ex-Human Remains, ex-Exit-13
Mike Olender
: Vocals
[1999-2004], [since 2007], ex-Endeavor, ex-NORA, ex-For The Love Of...
John Adubato
: Guitar
[since 1999], ex-Time's Up, ex-Black Army Jacket

Past members

Others bands/comments
Paul Miller : Guitar [2001], ex-Human Remains, ex-El-Ahrairah
Aaron Wolff : Vocals [2004-2005], [2009-2011], live member, ex-The End (CAN)
Chris Rascio : Guitar [2000-2001], ex-Time's Up
Brandon Thomas : Drums [2004-2005], ex-Ripping Corpse, ex-The Dying Light, ex-Dim Mak, ex-The Uglies
Nate Johnson : Vocals [2005], ex-Fit For An Autopsy, ex-Through The Eyes Of The Dead, ex-Deadwater Drowning, ex-Premonitions Of War, ex-Since The Flood, ex-The Final Battle


Luddite Clone - Burnt By The Sun (Split - )   
Burnt by the Sun (EP - )  
Soundtrack to the Personal Revolution (Album - )  
Burnt By The Sun - Burst (Split - )  
The Perfect Is the Enemy of the Good (Album - )  
Burnt By The Sun - Car Bomb (Split - )  
Live from the Relapse Contamination Festival (Live - )   
Heart of Darkness (Album - )   


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