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logo Brujeria

Band's list Death Grind Brujeria


Status Formed In


    Mexico (Mexico City, Federal District)
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    473 Fans
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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Shane "Hongo" Embury
: Guitar
Napalm Death, Lock Up, Unseen Terror, Warhammer (UK), Meathook Seed, Venomous Concept, Azagthoth (UK), Drop Dead, Blood From The Soul, Anaal Nathrakh
Jeff "El Cynico" Walker
: Bass
Carcass, Electro Hippies, Blackstar, Jeff Walker Und Die Fluffers
Juan Brujo
: Vocals
Pat "Fantasma" Hoed
: Vocals
Nip Drivers, Dawn By Law, Foreign Object, Punk Rock Vatos, Slowrider
Pinche Peach
: Vocals
Adrian "El Podrido" Erlandsson
: Drums
At The Gates, Nemhain, Paradise Lost, Samsas Traum, Needleye, ex-Cradle Of Filth, ex-The Haunted, ex-Tenet

Past members

Others bands/comments
Emilio "Sadístico" Márquez : Drums
Raymond "Greñudo" Herrera : Drums
Tony "Angelito" Laureano : Drums
Dino "Asesino" Cazares : Guitar Asesino, ex-Fear Factory, ex-Ministry, Posessed, Soulfy, Prong
Pititis : Vocals
Marijuano Machete : Vocals
Patrik "El Embrujado" Jensen : Guitar
Billy "Güero Sin Fe" Gould : Guitar, Bass Faith No More, Harmful, Black Diamond Brigade, Shandi's Addiction, The Axis Of Evildoers, Fear And The Nervous System
Jesse "Cristo De Pisto" Pintado : Guitar ex-Napalm Death
Nicolas "Hongo Jr." Barker : Drums Lock Up, ex-Cradle Of Filth, ex-Dimmu Borgir


Matando Gueros (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
Raza Odiada (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
Marijuana (MCD - )mp3Lyrics 
Brujerizmo (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
Mextremist Hits (Compilation - )mp3Lyrics 
The Mexecutioners - The Best Of Brujeria (Compilation - )mp3Lyrics 
The Singles (Compilation - )mp3Lyrics 


  • Brujeria - Sign To Nuclear Blast Entertainment

  • Brujeria - División del Norte (Live from Brutal Assault 2009)

  • Brujeria - La Migra

  • Brujeria - La Migra (Cruza La Frontera II)

  • Brujeria - La Migra

  • Brujeria - La Ley de Plomo

  • Brujeria - Promo

  • Brujeria - El Desmadre (Live at New-York City, 11/04/10)

  • Brujeria - Hechando Chingazos (Live at Vive Latino '06)

  • Brujeria - Colas De Rata at With Full Force 2007 (Pro Shot)

  • Brujeria @ with full force festival 07 -Revolucion

  • Brujeria Live in Chile - Brujerizmo.avi

  • Brujeria - Pititis te invoco

  • Brujeria- Marcha del odio

  • Brujeria Live in RJ@Caxias_3 musica#2_Y

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