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logo Amber Asylum

Band's list Atmospheric Gothic Amber Asylum


Status Formed In


    USA (San Francisco, California)
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    18 Fans
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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Annabel Lee
: Violin
Blood Axis
Sigrid Sheie
: Bass, Keyboard, Flute
Hammers Of Misfortune
Eric Wood
: Bass
Bastard Noise, Man Is The Bastard
Jackie Perez-Gratz
: Cello
Grayceon, Giant Squid
Leila Abdul-Rauf
: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Trumpet
Saros, Hammers Of Misfortune
Kris Force
: Vocals, Guitar, Programming, Violin
Sarah Brady
: Violin

Past members

Others bands/comments
Eric Peterson : Guitar Night After Night, ex-Lost Goat
John Benson : Guitar, Bass ex-A Minor Forest
John Oberon : Keyboard
Kat Gratz : Oboe
Sarah Shaffer : Keyboard, Percussions Weakling
Mike Richard : Keyboard
Liz Albee : Trumpet [2006]
Tim Green : Guitar The Fucking Champs
Heather Sneider : Clarinet
Melinda Jackson : Guitar
Steve Von Till : Guitar, Drums Neurosis
Martha Burns Wojno : Cello
Rosalind Gratz : Violin
John Cobbet : Guitar Hammers Of Misfortune, Ludicra
Tim North : Programming died 08/05/2003 (stomach cancer)
Wendy Farina : Drums Tits, ex-Towel
Jayne Roderick : Keyboard
Erica Stoltz : Vocals, Bass Lost Goat, Dirty Power
Lorraine Rath : Bass, Flute The Gault


Frozen in Amber (Album - )mp3  
The Natural Philosophy of Love (Album - )mp3  
Songs of Sex and Death (Album - )mp3  
The Supernatural Parlour Collection (Album - )mp3  
Garden of Love (EP - )mp3  
Still Point (Album - )mp3  
Bitter River (Album - )mp3  
Sin Eater (Album - )mp3  


Amber Asylum - Outer Dark

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