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Orpheus were formed in 2008 by vocalist/guitarist and main songwriter, James Young, and Thomas Vallely, drummer and co-songwriter in the band. The band released their debut album, 'Philosopher of the Sublime' in May 2010 through London based experimental label Paradigms Recordings. This introductory album saw the band use a soundtrack-like approach to their music in which influences as far flung as Dead Can Dance were evident.

In early 2010 Orpheus began writing their EP, 'TBA', recorded between August-October 2010, which drew upon contemporary ideas and some, although few, dating back to 2008. The EP marks a new phase in the development of Orpheus as a project, with nautical exploration, anthropology and psychology being some of the intriguing themes. It is now that the band alleges that the categorisation of the EP's music will be very difficult.

Anyhow, with a high degree of caution they mark out the following as marginally relevant influences as of the EP (2010) onwards:
Post-rock approaches evident in artists such as Slowdive, Sigur Ros, Mogwai and Radiohead's 'OK Computer'. In addition, Ennio Morricone, Bernard Herrmann and John Barry in relation to some of the film composers influencing Orpheus. A trace of progressive influences are not unworthy of mention in that the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Porcupine Tree and Art Zoyd, to name a few, can be mentioned. The band also acknowledges its only actual metal influence, latter-day Emperor, in which its materialised form in this project is very different; used in an almost non-metal fashion. And last but not least, much in keeping with the aforementioned, a range of classical influences are important in Orpheus' sound, albeit modern classical.

On the subject of live shows - Orpheus has yet to perform its first live show - despite its seemingly existent member line-up numerous enough to allow for a concert to be performed. The band stresses that this will change in the near future when tours will be seriously considered.

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