Which Slayer Album Do You Prefer?
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Mercenarion says :
But I disagree that Pleasure To Kill (you're probably referring to that one) is shitty. It's not my favourite Kreator album (that goes to Coma of Souls), but it's still an amazing album.

Yeah, I meant Pleasure to Kill. I don't see what's so great about an album with such interchangeable songs and a drummer who can't keep his time. Also the Fact that every solo sounds virtually the same (a menagerie of rapid notes followed by Two high bends, followed by more rapid notes) doesn't help. The only good thing I found was the vocalist who sounds like a combo of Jeff Walker of Carcass and Quorthon of Bathory.

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Slayer - Raining Blood


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Show No Mercy.. cause im a proud owner!

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Exile's new album (Suspended Society... Mutilated Variety) is out now, Support us by buying our album! Cheers!

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