What band got you into metal?
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message posted the : Dienstag 24 April 2012 - 02:45:34

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message posted the : Freitag 04 Mai 2012 - 12:14:28

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Dimmu Borgir

YES, DIMMU BORGIR. Call me poser

What the hell!
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message posted the : Freitag 04 Mai 2012 - 14:29:08

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message posted the : Sonntag 20 Mai 2012 - 01:00:19

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I went to this guitar summer camp when I was young and everybody was into metal and they started me out with classics: Metallica, Megadeth that sorta stuff then they introduced me to black metal: Dimmu Borgir, Mayhem and thats where it all started

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message posted the : Samstag 26 Mai 2012 - 18:36:24

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Cannibal Corpse

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message posted the : Freitag 01 Juni 2012 - 17:54:10
  The old Linkin Park.

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message posted the : Montag 04 Juni 2012 - 05:35:46

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citation :
DoomMetalPrincess says : Disturbed

yep, me too. I remember when Ten thousand fists came out when I was in 7th Grade and becoming infatuated with that album. David Draimen was my favorite vocalist throughout middle school. I still listen to that cd when i'm feeling nostalgic.

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message posted the : Donnerstag 07 Juni 2012 - 21:15:41

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Long ago...

I remember i was in Rockfabrik in Ludwigshafen. They played Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love. Over the Years my taste developed more and more. From Hardrock to Heavy Metal to Thrash Metal and now Death Metal/Metalcore/Deathcore.

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message posted the : Mittwoch 20 Juni 2012 - 11:50:05

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For me it was kind of a slow progression, but I'd say it was Papa Roach (via a mixture of The Prodigy ("It's metal coz we f**king say it is" - Metal Hammer), Incubus, Marilyn Manson, G'n'R and Linkin Park...back when they were good)

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message posted the : Freitag 22 Juni 2012 - 10:10:59

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I think ive already posted but what the hell. I started with just rock and alternative at first, like Placebo, The Butterfly Effect, Grinspoon and After the fall. But the the bands' that got me in to metal were System Of A Down and most notably Fear Factory. Hearing Digimortal for the first time was like Nothing i'd Ever experienced or heard. The double bass drumming i particularly loved aswell as burton's vocals. Since then i havent looked back. But funnily enough it was fear factory's older albums like Soul of a New Machine that i heard first and crisis was my favourite song. I guess Fear Factory also gave me a little opening into Death Metal aswell. (death/thrash)

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