Evil Deeds
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message posted the : Wednesday 10 November 2010 - 19:54:42

Fifth circle
Registered the : 2010-10-12
Messages: 222

Haha I LOVE scaring not just little kids, but anyone reely lol 0 ...

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message posted the : Tuesday 01 March 2011 - 03:51:39

Fifth circle
Registered the : 2011-02-26
Messages: 47

i enjoy causing arguments among people i really hate. and scaring little pricks. and insulting people. and of course

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"you're missing the big picture."
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message posted the : Sunday 09 October 2011 - 02:23:23

Fifth circle
Registered the : 2011-01-06
Messages: 542

Me... I don't do anything particularly Evil i'd say... I explain to people why i find songs about Mutilation, rape, necrophillia, etc... so entertaining. probably why i don't have many friends, it also completely dumbfounds me that even my super christian girlfriend is cool with it.... huh... is it good that walking into a church hurts my head?

"Raise your swords up High!,
See The Black Birds Fly!,
Let them hear your rage!,
Show no fear!......Attack!!!!!"
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message posted the : Friday 14 October 2011 - 05:29:21

Fifth circle
Registered the : 2010-10-26
Messages: 1428

i like telling people they suck.

Hey, they deserve it. They suck.

If you are a false, don't entry, or you'll be burned and died!
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message posted the : Tuesday 17 July 2012 - 09:05:50

Fifth circle
Registered the : 2012-07-17
Messages: 21

I enjoy messing with people I don't like and the occasional prank on a friend. I also share the pleasures of telling people they suck or are bad at something.

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