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Tuesday 10 April 2012 - 01:35:58
bands i Saw last year

After Edmund (Art Rock)
Ascend the Hill (Soft Rock/Worship)
A Sequence of Ghosts (Melodic Hardcore)
Becoming the Archetype (Progressive Death Metal)
Beyond Philosophy (Pop Rock)
Beyond the Gallows (Melodic Death Metal)
Chris August (Soft Rock/Worship)
Chris Sligh (Soft Rock/Worship)
David Crowder Band (Modern Worship)
The Devil Wears Prada (Metalcore)
Divide the Sea (Mathcore) [x3]
Divulgence (Death Metal/Black Metal/Thrash Metal)
Enter Shikari (Post-Hardcore)
Erra (Metalcore)
Fireflight (Alternative Rock/Alternative Metal)
For Today (Metalcore)
Francesca Battistelli (Pop/Soul)
From Tomorrow (Hardcore)
Homefront (Melodic Hardcore)
Images (Brutal Death Metal)
Islander (Hardcore)
Issachar (Metalcore)
Jacob Lawter (Folk/Acoustic)
KJ-52 (Rap)
Kutless (Alternative Rock/Post-Grunge)
Larval Stage (Technical/Progressive Death Metal)
Mat & Tishanna (Folk)
M.E.H. (Crustcore/Death Metal)
Newsboys (Pop Rock)
Newsong (Gospel/Worship)
Ocean is Theory (Alternative Rock)
Oh the Calamity (Hardcore)
The Ramblin' Fevers (Folk)
Red (Alternative Rock/Post Grunge)
Royal Tailor (Pop Rock)
Sidewalk Prophets (Worship)
Skillet (Post-Grunge/Alternative Metal/Alternative Rock)
Sound the Ruin (Metalcore)
Suffer Content (Death Metal)
The Lilies & Sparrows (Folk Rock) [x2]
The Overseer (Hardcore) [x2]
Tony Nolan (Spoken Word)
Transient (Melodic Hardcore) [x2]
Whitechapel (Deathcore)

Wednesday 11 April 2012 - 15:09:28
Entombed, Gorgoroth, Vader, Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition, Valkyrja, Angantyr, Ithilien, Temple Of Baal, The 1984, Coagulate, Baraka (BEL), Atroxentis, Misted Call (Tribute Rock band), Hate Embraced, Resistance